Miu miu Bow Satchel price?

  1. Hey guys I was wondering how much the bow satchel costs....if I remember correctly it was $1050 from Neiman and Saks? Is this still the case? Thanks (w/o tax)
  2. I can tell you that it is still available at NM in white for $1050. However, if you look at Styledrops, it's considerably more. :smile:
  3. IIRC the prices from the miu miu store are
  4. How come Saks &Neiman sells it for cheaper than the miu miu store?
    Has anyone seen it lately...
  5. Don't know but these were the prices I was given again when I called the other day for my bag
  6. I think there was a price increase...the NM ivory version on their site has been there for a really, really long time.
  7. I know it comes in 3 sizes. The small which you see on NM for $1050. Then you have the medium which sells for $1155 and of course the large for $1195. There was some post on this site ealier about the different sizes.
  8. I think at one time there were 3 sizes but now they only have the M & L. The miu miu store is calling the for for $1155 sm & the one for $1195 lg. Confusing...