Miu Miu bow satchel *pics!*

  1. Sorry for taking all day to do this..major disaster w/ DH's computer but I got it fixed..PITA!!!!!!! Wasted a whole day!! Anyways I received the bow satchel this am!!! It is the perfect color (IMO for me)..but I'm not liking the bows..I Do love the bag...But if it didn't have the bows I'd really love it...They irritate me just a bit afterall LOL I'm 40..just not my style...Can you believe it after all that!!! Good news is no bills!! Bad news is I have my eye on Jill's infamous and latest Gauffre...Like more than twice as much as THIS bag..:wtf: The leather and workmanship on this is impressive...Shoot... now I'm having second thoughts about sending it back..But I KNOW I would regret keeping it at some point... I already like Jill's better!!! Just can't justify the expense...If I was rolling in it I would..but won't do it..It sure is hard sending a bag back when you have it in your hot little hands but it's for the best..I'll find MY BAG ladies..It just might take me a while..PLEASE bear w/ me in the meantime!! Here are pics...
    MIU MIU BOW 006 (2).jpg MIU MIU BOW 004 (2).jpg MIU MIU BOW 005 (2).jpg MIU MIU BOW 002 (2).jpg MIU MIU BOW 008 (2).jpg
  2. WOW--it's a really beautiful bag!

    I'm glad you got to try the bag on and make a decision, and now you can move on.

    I've been in a similar situation--thinking I'll love a bag, and then once I try carrying it, it isn't what I thought it would be. On to the next bag!!! :nuts:
  3. Hi Emmy...

    I'm surprised you don't like the Miu Miu bow satchel. I thought you really liked the one I had... but I also think the bows on your white one may be a bit more prominent than they are on mine. Is that possible???

    I agree it's a beautiful bag, and it smells *so* good. But you're right, if it's not going to work just send it back. And go and get the Gauffre --- you never know, you may get it home and it doesn't work for you either -- then you can really move on. If you end up loving it... then I think it's worth it - consider all the time and energy we spend on trying to find the ultimate bag. I know for me... it can sometimes be hours each day. :nuts:
  4. Here's mine... let's compare!

  5. and another...
  6. Ok, maybe the bows are *just* as prominent... what do you think???
  7. Can you paste your bag in so we can look at both pix at the same time?
  8. emmy, I love your bag!!! Padparasha you always have great miu miu's
  9. Emmy and Padparasha, Your bags are gorgeous ! I love the bows especially.
  10. This satchel is pretty, I'm sorry that you don't love everything about it.
    Do you plan on ordering the other Gauffre bag? =)
  11. Padparasha..PM me w/ your email & I'll send you the pic..Can you do it? Not sure how to put a picture in someone else's post..(..is that what you mean?)

    I do love the bag..The more I look at here it's very hard to wrap it back up...BUT the bow's are not for me...They are floppy and prominent on my bag...Would like more of a classic chic look..I know..I know...But I'm particular and can't help it...But when I buy a bag.I buy it w/ the intent that I will use it for a long long time, b/c I love it so..and will stand the test of season/style change..KWIM??? THere is a special place in my heart for all my bags...THAT"S how I can justify the $$$ expense....this one hasn't made it..!

    snowwhite it's good that you understand me...at least I know I'm not alone in my obsessiveness!

    baglover...waiting for more pics & measurements from SA at Saks..I called him yesterday and will now wait for those to come....(ps if I get the gauffre in that color (cera) than hey..still have room for my beloved lg mp in tapioca that still hasn't found me!!

    Thanx everybody!!! I still have the bag here so if anyone wants more pics LMK..It will be gone tomorrow am! :s
  12. Emmy - I'm so glad you located the cera satchel even if it turned out not to be the one for you. At least you've seen it and been able to make the decision. Good luck with getting the gauffre.
    I love the satchel - can live with the bows even at 43!
  13. Padparasha, your bag is GORGEOUS!!! I really love my black one, but the brown is amazing too!!! :love:
  14. Wooow, it's such a gorgeous bag! I love it in both, white and brown. Looks great.
  15. padparasha! i LOVE your brown one!! i've never seen it in stores before though when and where did you get it!