Miu Miu bow satchel - Nero or Graphite?!

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  1. Hi Ladies, I can not choose! I've seen the graphite in person but I have not seen the nero (black) one.

    I ordered the graphite from saks.com a couple days ago since it was the only one in stock, but I'm wondering now if I should go search for a black one to compare.. since it is a large purchase.

    I live in NY so I could visit the miu miu boutiques.

    Has anyone seen both? Any opinions on which is better? Thanks! :smile:
  2. i have the nero. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
    it goes with everything!
  3. Another vote for Nero. In fact, I was going to get another one from Saks and they sold out :crybaby:
  4. it really depe. on ur daily wears... mine r mostly dark colour, so i chose the graphite one, coz nero won't show up too much. and so far everyone cs my miss graphite bow loves **her** ^_~
  5. I vote for Nero because it's classic yet edgy at the same time. with it, you can be casual and formal. graphite can be a little hard to match. whereas black goes with everything regardless of whether you're wearing a bright green dress, a rainbow coloured dress...
  6. the nero comes with gold hardware which against the black leather looks VERY sharp.
    I love it.
  7. I vote for Nero too and agree with jences. The gold hardware against black stands out! I LOVE MY NERO BOW! Although Graphite is a beautiful color, I am not fond of the distressed glazed leather and silver hardware.
  8. I love the nero too. It's basically a perfect everyday bag that works well for night too.
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    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    It's so funny how different everyone's opinions are on the hardware and the leather. I'm all about the glazed leather and silver hardware. In fact, I was almost relieved to see the Coffers coming out in gold hardware so my pocketbook can rest. I do think the gold hardware is okay with the glazed leather bows though I still like silver more because I wear silver jewelry.:smile:

    Plus, because I wear a lot of black patent ballet flats, the glazed leather is the perfect level of "shine" and makes the casual flats and Bow look "finished" together.
  10. Hey there, are there two different kinds of leather in the medium size bow satchel in nero? I keep seeing patent and regular. How shiny is the patent Nero? also does Nero come in both silver and gold hardware? Thanks! :smile:
  11. I had the Graphite Matelasse bag and I LOVE the color. It has a bit of distressed look to it but the color is so neutral it goes with everything...I love it!
  12. I vote for nero. I have the one with gold hardware. I usually prefer silver hardware, but i really prefer the gold on the Bow. The combination looks amazing together.
  13. I vote for the graphite. I love the distressed leather and silver hardware look. Plus, the graphite is matches with everythng!
  14. I will vote for Graphite too as I love silver hardware and I think the color can go with everything.:graucho: