Miu Miu bow satchel is back!! anyone still in love like me?

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  1. After drooling over this bag last season (and not being able to buy) miu miu have released it again this season in black chocolate and nude pink ..it looks like I'll finally be able to get my beloved bow satchel!!! yay!!! hoping to buy it tomorrow on line.. though i was wondering if anyone has seen the new chocolate one IRL? The colour of the chocolate on Net-A-Porter is quite different from the style drops chocolate. im wondering which is closer to the actual colour...does anyone know?? I'll post pics. The first 2 are NAP and the last 3 are style drops. thanks!!! x
    NAP front.jpg NAP bk.jpg SD 1.jpg SD 2.jpg SD 3.jpg
  2. Sweet! I'm glad they brought it back! I don't know if I'll get one but I like that its out there and I can look! Hahaaa! The nude pink is pretty. But I like the brown, too -- are you getting it? (Can't help you with the brown color, sorry.)
  3. Ooooo, that dark brown is nice!!
  4. Do you have pics of the nude pink? Somehow I like the bow bags in lighter colours like the whiskey brown and the grey, which is new for fall. Love the grey - great neutral.
  5. i'm sooooo in love with the chocolate one... 'belinda' stocks miu miu, right? maybe u can check out the actual color there? they said (melbourne branch tho) they'll have new season miu miu bags coming in soon, but not sure which style. i'm waiting for them myself! hope that helps.
  6. where do we go to check out the nude pink one? I'm going to purchase a new bag and was looking at vuitton epi soufflot. I ventured over to this forum and thought it looks really pretty. Hehe. Hopefully i'll cross over to the forum more once i get the bag.
  7. The color of the style drops is closer to the actual color. I saw them in my local Nordstrom. Personally don't like the nude pink.
  8. I saw the pink on StyleDrops.com along with the brown. They are pictured separately.
  9. it's gorgeous!!!
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments, im glad the love is shared ; )
    Here are some pics of the nude pink satchel for you guys who havent seen it..
    personally, Im tossing up between the chocolate or black.. leaning towards the chocolate.. though i was hoping that the choc colour was darker like in the NAP pics.. oh what to do!? I need a black bag.. but i think in this case the chocolate is nicer...??? and its my first designer bag purchase it has to be just right!!:sweatdrop:
    mytheresa1.jpg mytheresa2.jpg
  11. hey thanks monkyjib, but i think its cheaper for us aussies to buy online.. I find that anything designer here is a season old really expensive! and even when belinda is on sale its so much pricier than buying on the internet.. the miu miu east west bag for example is $2198.00 in evelyn miles.. on styledrops its $1177 USD, approx $1381AUD. its quite a bit cheaper! ;)
  12. that's true Sneaky Squirrel... i'm thinking of buying from net-a-porter but just wannna check out the real thing first :p any other web reco apart from net-a-porter and styledrops?? thx in advance!
  13. aah of course, sorry misunderstood your message! yeah would be good to check it out IRL.. there is mytheresa.com which also stock miu miu and deliver to australia.. are you thinking of getting the bow satchel too? :rolleyes:
  14. Thanks for the pic of the nude. Between dark choc and black, I would prefer dark choc. Luscious!
  15. yup.. can't get it out of my head! but i really can't decide whether to get the chocolate bow tie or the plum coffer.. help!? it'd be for every day use.. so the coffer might be more convenient.. but i like the bow tie style.. what do u think?