Miu Miu Bow Satchel *help*

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  1. hi ladies,

    where can i purchase a miu miu bow satchel in nude (pinkish) color? thanks!
  2. Barney's website used to sell it...but don't know if they are selling it
  3. If you don't find it on the Barney's website, try calling around to the stores. They might still have one somewhere.
  4. Not sure where you are located, but I was just in the Miu Miu store in Taipei (the Taipei 101 location) today and they have the bow satchel in both beige and a pinkish-beige color. You could try giving them a call. The sales associates all speak English.
  5. thanks gilded for the info. i will call them 1st thing in the morning. let's hope they ship internationally. do they?
  6. Hi Glided, I will be going over to Taipei early Jan and would love to get a grey bow satchel (it is sold out in Singapore!). Would it be possible to let me know how much is the bow satchel in Taipei and do they still have the darker grey?

    Thanks a million!
  7. I was at the Barney's in San Francisco last Wednesday and they had the bow satchel in the nude pinkish color. There was only one though, but it may be worth a call.