Miu Miu Bow Satchel- HELP ME!

  1. I saw someone carrying the bow satchel in BLACK, but I can't find it online!! Did I miss it, was it last season??? Help, I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  2. It is still available. The spring colours are brown, white, off white and black. The Miu Miu stores have it - they are probably your best bet. Not sure where you are but in the UK the black is still available. I have the off-white and it is such a sensational bag.
  3. I swear you girls are GENIUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks to you!!
  4. This bag is so cute and funtional, I hope you get it.
  5. Hi,
    I am looking for that bag in the brown? i can find the ivory on Bergdorfs, but cant seem to find other colours,
  6. This comes in (2) sizes..correct? IThe one on StyleDrops is larger...The one I saw on Sacs' is smaller....Does anyone have the smaller one?! :heart: Emmy
  7. Hi Emmy - look at the other thread about the satchel as there are pix of my off-white bag in the smaller size. It's a good size bag and I'm a girl who likes big bags. The SA advised me against the bigger one saying it was more like a travel/weekend bag. Hope that helps.
  8. Other thread is 'thoughts on the Miu Miu soft calf satchel' and that's where my pics are....
  9. ^^^ thanx..Emmy out!!
  10. Gorgeous!...It IS off-white, though..not blue??? :heart: Emmy
  11. Miu Miu - Calf Leather Satchel - Saks.com

    apparently this bag is being sold out really quickly....dont see it on NM or BG anymore
  12. i actually prefer the smaller one too...i saw it in holt renfrew (i'm in canada)...i think the smaller one is cuter....the big one does look a little like travel bag (a cute one)...but its more functional...and the price difference is small....
  13. Yes, it's ivory - think the light (I took it in my conservatory) is making it look a bit bluey. It really is a beautiful off-white with no a blue tinge anywhere. It's not as dark as cream and is definitely not white - a pure ivory. It's a fantastic colour as it'll go with anything.
  14. Thanx sarajane..I'm on the edge of ordering..Trying to hold out until I see pics of a pf'r modeling this smaller one.....SOOOOOOOOOOOOO trying to be strong!! :heart: Emmy