miu miu bow satchel color rubbing off

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    [​IMG] miu miu bow satchel color fading
    So I have a bow satchel, love it. I noticed that the color is fading it almost looks like a discoloration or maybe the color is rubbing off, please help is this normal and is there something I can do to protect it.
  2. I just got my miu miu bow and the edge on one of the bows is white ... apparently the gray rubbed off somehow.
  3. I have a gray St. Cocco that that has splotchy color, like it was spray painted on unevenly. They don't spray paint like the ombre, do they?
  4. Comments like these concern me.

    I'm surprised that Prada/Miu Miu would have issues like these. This actually makes me think twice before buying.
  5. oh no...i have a bow satchel coming to me......will i have the same problem?
  6. Another thing I'm concerned about is how these bows on the sides will look in time....they look great new, but will they fold out, over, etc....with wear and use??
  7. I think the fading has been apparent with the resort colored- gray?
  8. they will fold out over time..that's why i first purchased the bowling bag..but the beauty of the bow satchel caught me off guard...i hope i can maintain the bow well! :push:

  9. I really love this bag also.....I'm actually torn between this and the Coffer. :confused1:
  10. i've not had that problem so far.. .i've had the bag for a year... and took it on an overseas trip with me too!
  11. I've have no color problem with my black bowl so far... more than one year