Miu Miu Bow Satchel: Are these two the same bag?

  1. Hello ladies,
    I am attaching two photos of the Miu Miu bow satchel. One pictures is from the September issue of Lucky magazine, and the other photos is from Saks. Can you tell me if this is the same bag? I fell in love with the look of the bag in the magazine pictures and want to be sure that the bag is the same. The price is slightly different at Saks so I'm not sure.

    Thanks so much!
    Miu Miu satchel.Saks.jpg Miu Miu satchel.Lucky.small.jpg
  2. Hi, at first I thought it was the same, but in the model picture the flap of the bow satchel is raised up.. making it look taller.. I think maybe the one from lucky mag is the regular size with the flap raised, and the Saks pic is the taller version of the satchel.. what does every one else think??...
  3. I agree with you SneakySquirrel..I didn't like the new taller version...I like the size from last season,that size is also continues with this new season I guess
  4. I was trying to figure this out as well. Maybe they're both the same, since the model looks so tall in the pic. That tall version is beautiful, but so overwhelming on most people! :confused1:
  5. the trick on the magazine is that they moved up the flap(the top part)
    the taller version would be hard to carry at hand I guess :S
    I don't know,I like the short version as I said before:smile:
  6. i like the shorter version, too.. i think the one from lucky mag is the smaller one
  7. Here are the 2 versions so you can compare side by side.. Tall one from Barneys website, small one from net-a-porter.. 3rd one shows the small one with flap up (like in the lucky mag pic) - its from mytheresa.com.
    barneys tall.jpg NAP1.jpg mytheresa.jpg
  8. I guess problem solved heheh
  9. OK - I am now convinced that the bow satchel in the picture is NOT the tall version currently being sold at Saks and Barneys. Thanks so much!
  10. I got one from Saks last week. The receipt said fall 07, it's the smaller version. Miu Miu SA told me there is only one size.
  11. This bag is so gorgeous!! I've been wanting one for a very long time!!

    Net-a-porter.com sells it for $1155 and Barneys sells for $1195.

    Then I should buy it from Net-a-porter??
  12. revejoli...don't forget the shipping cost..maybe you can find free shipping code so NAP is a better choice in this case I guess
  13. yeah i find NAP shipping costs really steep for us in Australia.. its not too bad within the states though.. you guys are so lucky!
  14. I know!! Thanks for the tip! I am going to buy it from NAP when it offers a complimentary shipping!

    Is this bag a bit heavy to carry? I saw this at Nordstrom Bellevue and it seemed heavy?

    I live in Seattle and it will rain everyday from September to March. I am worried that if I buy this bag, it will be ruined because of all the rain...

    I hate carrying a nice, leather purse in Seattle during rainy season... what should I do? Any tips?
  15. that's a tough question..which color are you planning to buy? if it is rainy then certainly don't buy the light colors..there is somekind of spray for rainy days but it is for boots,probably it won't work on bags :sad: