miu miu bow or soft frame bag

  1. hi guys!

    some of you may know ive been struggling with whether to get the soft frame bag! its so cute and i was so close to pulling the trigger when i saw the bow bag that everyone's been talking about! so now i cant decide which bag i should get!!! they are both so cute and im so torned!! :shrugs:

    if you guys can give me ur 2cents thatd be great!!!!

    im gonna get either one in black! thanks!!

    (the black's one the soft frame, the white one's the bow!) thanks so much!! :love:
    0404368970256_275x275.jpg NMV8483_mn.jpg
  2. I like the bow satchel...but of course I would!!
  3. They are two very different style bags. I've got the bow satchel which I love. It's very squishy. The frame bag reminds me of the 1950s look - very structured. My vote is with the bow.
  4. I vote for the Bow bag! I absolutely love mine!
  5. ^argh!!! :cursing: I know I can't keep it...I'd regret it...maybe a few more drinks and I'll keep it AND get the gauffre!!! :drinkup:
  6. thanks guys! looks like the bow satchel it is :smile:
  7. OK changed my mind....After seeing those pics bag.lover linked I like the frame bag better.....sweet! Helena you have fabulous taste!!!
  8. oh helena i have drooled over Aaallabama's pictures several time and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag...i just wish i could make up my damn mind!!! lol! I think both are SOO cute but am having a hard time deciding...! so torn between both of them...if only i could scrape up another grand somewhere! hehehe!

    so Emmy -- you've changed your mind i see ;)
  9. MELUVBAGS...What is the price dif between the frame & the bow satchel?
  10. both are $995. but it seems like the retail miu miu stores price the small bow at $1050 so I am not too sure on what the "real" price is. but not much difference either way! are you thinking about getting it! :yahoo: you should!!! haha it will push me in the right direction hehe
  11. ^I have the bow satchel in my hands....shipping back tomorrow...I really do love the bag...but I the bows aren't me...didn't realize it until I tried it on...did you see the gauufre that Jill posted..the cera colored one? That one is the next one I'm test driving...keep you fingers crossed...I'm overly picky lately..This better be TRUE LOVE!!!!:graucho:
  12. cant decide cant decide!!! arg haha
  13. two totally different styles and nice but neither is jumping at me...sorry.
  14. i'm loving the soft frame bag. I'm kind of torn between that and the coffer myself. But I feel the that soft frame bag has more potential to be a "classic", i.e. without bows, etc.
    But that's just me.... keep us posted with what you end up choosing!