Miu Miu bow or Coffer in Sydney, Aust?

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  1. Hi, I'm brand new to this forum and am hoping for some help on getting my hands on a Miu miu bag in Sydney.

    I would love a black bow satchel, and if not I love the look of a Coffer, but would need to see it in real life before purchasing one. Does anyone know where in Sydney miu miu bags are stocked, specifically the Bow Satchel or the Coffer?

    Also, I'm planning to head to London to work in August..are miu miu bags cheaper in Europe and a lot more available (i guess anywhere is more so than Sydney!)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi missshopaholic..Like yourself, I'm from Sydney and am also after a Bow satchel, preferably in black but any colour will do! I believe The Corner Shop stocked Miu Miu bags. I was there the other day and they didn't have any in stock (so I was told) so they took my name down and will call me when they get some in.

    If I'm not mistaken, I saw a Coffer in Evelyn Miles at WBJ but this was back in December. Maybe give them a call?

    Sorry this is all I could help you with!
  3. Hi missshopaholic, I know Evelyn Miles stock the largest range of miu miu bag in Sydney, but I think they once told me that the coffer and bow bag are designs from a few seasons ago, so its all gone. Not sure if they are going to bring more in. Its best if you call them!

    And Cornershop stocks some miu miu too!
  4. ^^ yeah, the girl from TCS told me the Bow bag was from a past season (can't remember exactly what her words were). I was really hoping they had one so I could see one before I buy one (maybe from SG or UK) as they may be cheaper....prices are usually inflated here in Aust.
  5. Hi Girls,

    I happen to be roaming about in Sydney Paddington and I found a store in a corner of a strip that sells Miu Miu and Chloe Sunglasses, the whole store is devoted to Miu Miu Bags only. They have quite a collection, the store's called Belinda if i didn't remember wrongly. Evelyn miles charges too much, with the AUD exchange rate being pretty reasonable I reckon that Singapore (7% GST claim 5% back at airport) or Hk (no tax) Miu Miu is the cheapest.
  6. I reckon the best thing to do would be to order from the boutiques in Singapore or HK! Guaranteed authenticity and wider choice! :smile: I've read some posts from Aussie girls who do this.
    missshopaholic: Prices in London are more expensive than those in HK or Singapore, but there's two Miu Miu boutiques! So you get to see them before you buy them! :smile: And the staff is lovely :smile:
  7. I think the Corner store has them at the Strand, as well as the Robby Ingham store at MLC Centre might sell miu miu's as they had Paddington bags when it was the "it" bag... I'm actually living in Singapore at the moment (moved from Syd, living in SG for the year) and the Miu Miu's here are abt the same price as EU... I got my Miu Miu's about 7 months ago in Paris and compared it to the prices here and its about the same. Worth giving them a call- But I was in the Miu Miu @ Paragon Singapore store just today, and I didn't see any MiuMiu bow bags.... maybe sold out???
  8. I love the bow satchel too, in white though, but I'm currently lusting after the coffer
  9. i buy all my bags from O/S ... so much cheaper! I would never pay rip off Sydney prices :nogood:
  10. i saw the coffee in brown yesterday at belinda (the store next to the corner shop in paddington)

    but yeah i'd prefer to buy overseas or through legit websites.

    ps. can anybody else rec some good online wesites for miu miu?
  11. Hi Ruthieee,
    do u remember seeing how much is the brown coffer at Belinda that u saw some weeks back? Im suddenly craving for one! Let me know! Thanks!

  12. I vote for the BOW! :graucho:

    But depending on YOUR interest, the coffer is also a great handbag! Many of the tPFers here have coffers. Not many have the bow, but the coffer is definetly more popular.

    As for me, I like the bow :love: