Miu Miu Bow Converts!


i <3 my bags
Nov 7, 2007
I just wanted to share a story, and invite others to do so!

I was walking around in the Bloor St. Holt Renfrew this weekend with my bow, seeing what they had in-store. So naturally, I would make my way to the Miu Miu section and was disappointed (as usual) that there were no bows on display.

As I kept browsing, I noticed a girl walking around with a season 2 moro bow! As she came closer, she noticed me noticing her bag, and then she noticed my bow and we stopped to chat. Apparently, it wasn't her bow yet. She'd seen it on display and was told it was the last one, so she nabbed it and wouldn't let it out of her sight! :roflmfao: So we got talking about bows and she basically drained my brain of all my bow knowledge!

So after a quite lengthy chat, she said, "i am so glad i bumped into you because you totally convinced me to get this!"

YAY!!!! :yahoo: CONVERTING BAG-LOVERS INTO BOW-LOVERS! Share your convert story!


Dec 1, 2007
New York
There are only bows at Nordstrom here, and they're usually gone before they hit the floor, so I've never had a "real-life" experience, but... I do love looking at all the Bal lovers join the Miu Miu cult. :graucho: