Miu Miu bow care?

  1. I recently bought a Miu Miu bow in allumino and was wondering which product is better: Apple conditioner + Apple cleaner or LMB? I read that on the bbags the LMB can dull out the leather. Has that happened to anyone's Miu Miu?
  2. I have LMB for my offwhite bag and it works wonderfuly!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for the input... I've going back and forth between the two brands because I've heard good and bad about both. I havent even worn it because i'm famous for getting pen marks on my bags (lol).
  4. hi hajk!! how often do you use LMB on your bow bag?
  5. :borg:
  6. So sorry about the face, my son has send it before I could even react.
    To the question: I have the bag since december and I have used a Pro-treatment once. The silly thing is, that after every usage there apears little blue thingy behind the 2 golden O ( where the gold meets the leather) . But the Cleanser put it everytime 100% away. The cleanser also removed another kind of dirt ( some sausage or what:shame:smile:
  7. that's adorable!!!

    I have the same bag, and I just sent it to the cleaners so it's pristine now, and I'd like to protect it from stains. I've never treated the bag with anything before! Do you find that the Pro-treatment works in preventing stains effectively (especially water stains)? :smile:
  8. I havent wear it in rain yet, so I can´t tell about the water drops. The cleanser is a must for me, Im even not so nervous to get it little bit dirty, he fix everything ( until yet). I have used a protection once, I cant say if its such a wonder, because I dont know, how would it be without. I have also a For handels only.
    Miu miu is my only one designers bag so I want to baby it the best way I can. I feel also more love to a thing that I must protect and carry about.:love:
  9. Has anyone applied Apple Garde-Rain/water Repellent?