Miu Miu Bow Bag - Is it hard to use?

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  1. Is the bow satchel the type of bag that always needs to be zipped up? Does it look sloppy left open?

    Do those of you who have this bag find it hard to get in and out of it, folding and unfolding the top, or does it work easily? I saw the pic of Vanessa Hudgens with her's open and it looked odd.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Here is a picture of my bow bag. As you can see, mine is the smaller version, but I still think that it looks better with the top zipped closed. It is not hard to get in and out of, but I much prefer a bag with exterior pockets for quick access to my essentials (keys, cell, etc.). Mine is the distressed suede and is probably a bit more slouchy than the leather style. I love this bag but would not use it as an everyday bag (the coffer is much better as an everyday style IMO). Hope this helps. ;)

  3. thanks miu2 - good point about the exterior pockets - that's disappointing, now that I'm thinking about it
    I was planning for this to be everyday bag:sad:
  4. anyone else? I've got one on hold right now - can't decide!
  5. is there anywhere online that stocks the bow satchel?
  6. i've tried it on in real like they dont look hard to use
  7. Neiman Marcus has it.
  8. Does the Miu Miu Bow satchel (leather) get worn out fast..show usage if used as an everyday bag? For those of you who own it...?
  9. miu2 - yikes, I took your information and ran with it and got both the coffer and the bow - we'll see in person which works for me
    I actually ordered the coffer from Bluefly that is more like a small tote - do you know anything about that style? It looked interesting. I see from other threads that you are quite an expert on coffers. thanks for your help.
  10. I've got it in off-white and it's the most incredibly hard wearing bag. The leather is very good quality and this bag is going to stay looking good for a long time.
  11. i love the bow satchel..i'm thinking between this bag and a chanel....hard choices! :crybaby: