Miu Miu Bow Bag in Grey


Apr 22, 2007
Orange County, CA.
I have a question about the bow bag in grey. On the Saks site the picture of it appears to have a pearly sheen to it: http://images.saksfifthavenue.com/i...0404388591455/0404388591455_CGREY_275x275.jpg

Is this the same grey as the bag Vanessa Hudgens has been carrying? Her's looks very light grey and very flat in color as opposed to the pearl the Saks picture appears to have. I want to make sure before ordering.

Is the bag's color flat or does it have a pearl sheen to it? If anyone has this bag and can post pics I would appreciate it. All the pictures I've been able to find have been of the smoke grey.


♥♥ blue devil
Jul 6, 2006
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Hi! I'm pretty sure that Vanessa's bag is that light grey color (allumino)--it's definitely too light to be the smoky grey and not white enough to be the white or the ivory, plus she seems to have acquired recent enough to be from the new season.

As far as the sheen goes, I'm not sure about this grey in real life, but I know that the flash from pictures distorts the color sometimes. I have the bag in Nude, and pictures of it online made it look like there was a pearly sheen to it. But in real life, there is minimal sheen (at least as compared to the pics online) but when I take pictures of it with the flash on, the sheen is back. It's quite misleading sometimes!

Here's a thread where a tPFer has pics of her allumino: http://forum.purseblog.com/prada-and-miu-miu/finally-i-got-my-miu-miu-bow-satchal-202101.html

Hope this helped and good luck! The bag is beautiful and I'm sure you'll love it!