Miu Miu Bow and Saks return policy?

  1. My bf bought me a bow late January for my bday/Vday gift. I literally have worn it out 1-2 times. Unfortunately I noticed some splitting on the edges of the leather and the bow on the left side is missing the gray color along the edges. I didn't really notice until after I had worn it because I was so excited to use it. Well I just got back from Saks and all the SA could tell me was "We can send it for repairs but it'll take about 3 months and they might charge you for them." I explained to her that it's ridiculous for me to have to pay for repairs on a new bag when obviously it is a quality issue. I even tried to take her to where the rest of the Bows were to show her that even those have the same problem but she refused to move and said "I believe you...but I still have never seen someone complain about it." I asked to speak to her manager but the SA said that she was in a meeting and wouldnt be done for awhile. *sigh* I'll just wait and call tomorrow... hopefully the manager will be more understanding and allow me to exchange it. Have any of you ever exchanged a bag after you had used it at Saks because of a quality issue?
  2. When you have a problem in the store and a SA does not help you go right to the executive office and they will help.
    I hope your problem gets straightened out. Saks usually will take anything back without a problem.
  3. Thanks, tomorrow I'm going straight over there when they open at 12. I called the manager but she didn't answer. I was surprised how the SA refused to even help me. She just kept saying how I was going to have to pay for repairs and it'll take 3 months. I would understand if I had barged in there demanding my money back but all I wanted was for it to be fixed (without charging me) or maybe exchange it for something else. It seems that helpful SA's are rare nowadays.
  4. i'd talk to the manager too..i hope you get this resolved! i've had great experiences working with Saks SAs.. keep us updated! :flowers:
  5. I had a similar thing with a Marc Jacobs bag that I'd been using almost SIX WEEKS! While I did order it online, I called and told them that the wearing of the leather on a $1200 handbag was totally unacceptable and I wanted to return it. They said no problem, I returned the bag per their instructions and got my money back.

    The SA is probably being a snot b/c they lose their commission when an item is returned. Better lose a commission than a customer, IMHO.

    Dig in your heels. If the manager gives you any crap, go to the next level. :yes:
  6. Update: I went yesterday and spoke to an SA at Prada and showed her the bag and after complaining to her and some other SA they finally gave me the refund. She told me that she think that Miu Miu isn't sealing the bows properly because even the ones they had for sale there had the leather tearing at the edges. Originally I was just going to exchange it for the black but honestly, I'm disappointed in the quality that I don't feel it's worth $1200.
  7. Just checked my bow, no problems with mine! *phew
    Glad you were able to get a full refund!!
  8. I had a similiar experience with my bow purse. No major issues except that there was a ink mark on the purse and some splitting on the edges when I received it.

    Saks gave me a really hard time about returning it. As I was due to leave for an overseas trip in a few days, I gave up on talking to the SAs at the Connecticut store (where the purse was ordered).

    Rushed down to the BH store where the SAs insisted that I had to talk to the manager who was on vacation. But the SA did offer to repair the purse for free.

    However, I realized that I didn't like my bow satchel enough to deal with the hassle of returning/repairing it. Since it's a new color, Mughetto, and selling in the stores, I decided to give it to my sister who appreciates it more than I do. :smile:
  9. these stories make me so mad - i mean, we arent talking about a $40 purse that you dont expect to last the season ... these are such exy designer items. I hardly think that a rolls royce falls apart on its 2nd week!
  10. Exactly! It's funny because this was my first purse that I (well, my bf but we have a joint account) bought that was this expensive and it turns out to be such horrible quality. My LV speedy is like, 4-5 years old and in perfect condition. Even my Juicy Couture bags are in great condition! You would think that if you pay so much money you would get an investment piece. I think I'll go back to buying cheaper bags that I don't mind getting rid of when I get bored of them (and that last longer!)

  11. I know what you mean! When I first saw it I loved it. But after dealing with Saks and returning it, I realized that I didn't like it all that much.
  12. All these posts makes me scared. I just recieved my new alluminio Miu Miu Bow yesterday!

    linpaddy, I recieved my bag with scratches on it too :sad:

    I feel like it isn't worth $1200 either
  13. I find it quite ironic when they pull the "well, we haven't received any other complains..." card. It's almost as if they would rather assume that the whole batch of bags is failed rather than just one...
  14. It's such a shame that all these threads are reflecting the quality of the Miu Miu Bow Satchel. I consider it my Holy Grail bag of the moment & I would LOVE to have it, but def. not w/these conditions! My worst nightmare would be the return policy w/the store. :tdown:
  15. This is something you might expect from a cheap knock-off.....NOT a name like Prada/Miu Miu.

    VERY disappointing....and down right upsetting.