Miu Miu Black Plisse Tote $860 @ BG

  1. Good Grief! It flew out of my cart!
  2. This bag was offered at NM (of course) at $690.60. And yes, it did fly!! The
    Miu Miu Pleated Hobo was offered at the same time and I (crossing fingers!!) got it for $605!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  3. I got the Miu Miu Pleated Hobo a couple of hours ago but they cancelled it and then it showed up again. It'll be interesting to see if they cancel it on you.
  4. It's funny that you mention that, I'm watching my email for the cancellation LOL!!!

    I'm starting to think that this is a ploy by NM to keep interest in their sale when their stock and variety starts to dwindle.
  5. Check your order history. That's how I found out it was cancelled.

  6. You could be right! It took them four days to notify me that my Chloe had been cancelled. Had I not checked my order history on the night I purchased it, I would have been anxiously waiting for it to be delivered!
  7. ........so far, so good......................

    after losing out on one purchase after another for the past few days, you'll have to pick me up off the floor if this one goes thru!

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  9. Glood luck. It's a beautiful bag.Have you check your order history? Let us know what happens.

  10. that's so sweet of you, thank you!! :heart: