Miu Miu Belted Satchel - newbie here!

  1. Hi guys! I'm new to Miu Miu. I'm torn between the Jimmy Choo Ramona and the Miu Miu belted satchel in black.

    If I were to get the Miu Miu, it would most likely be for a school bag as I start as a freshman in college in the fall. I was wondering if the belted satchel is a good size for books as long as the belted part is left open?

    Also, does anyone have any modeling pics of the satchel so I can see how big it is in relation to the body? I see them online at Neiman Marcus, but my local NM doesn't have them in stock and I wanted to see how big it is.

    I tried checking the "post your prada/miu miu" bags thread, but didn't find any modeling pics of the belted satchel. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I have the belted satchel in black leather and love it. Sorry I don't have any pics to post, but I'm tall and it doesn't look too big on me. I sent back a Jimmy Choo Marcia because it was so big, so maybe that will help you approximate the size. As far as functionality as a book bag, I think it would work well for you. The Ramona is a beautiful purse and one that I covet, but I think it's a little large. Try to get to NM or a Choo store and check it out IRL. The belted satchel is from the spring 2007 line, so it may be getting hard to find. I do know NM has it online. It's also about $600 cheaper than the Ramona. My MiuMiu shows no wear at all and it looks really chic with jeans and boots, so it may be the way you want to go. Hope that helps!
  3. ^Thanks for your help! I'm sad Neiman Marcus doesn't have it in stock, but I don't want to order it online without having seen it IRL.

    PS - I forgot to ask, do you think the straps can handle the weight of holding maybe 2-3 textbooks? Is it a sturdy bag?
  4. That's a tough question. The handles are really sturdy, but textbooks vary in size so much. A couple of heavy textbooks carried day after day might do in any purse. While i wouldn't hesitate to put something like a laptop in there, textbooks weigh a whole lot more than the average new (smaller) laptops. Are you sure you want to spend so much money on a glorified bookbag? Both the bags you're considering are so chic, it's almost a shame to purchase one knowing it's going to be on hard duty. Whichever you decide, I know you'll be happy; they're both really hot-looking bags and you'll look great carrying it!