MIU MIU Belted Leather Satchel - GORGEOUS!

I have this bag!

It's great and oddly understated despite all the gold. The best part about it is that it is not heavy. The leather is beautiful, but it's light.

I have small arms so it fits under my shoulder when wearing my dressy winter coat. But, it's a pretty small opening, so I can't wear it under my shoulder when i'm wearing my parka. Since the weather is nice on the east coast this week it hasn't been a problem.

If you have a Saks or Barney's close by you should check it out. I have it in black, but it comes in the tan and white. The white is hot.

I will try to take pics to show how it hangs.
any pictures anyone? i am deciding between this and a mulberry and would love to see it being worn! :heart::yes:

also does it "sit" more like this? because i like the first picture better.


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Ok! It took a while, but I finally took a picture!
Today it has a wallet, ipod, gloves, 2 sets of keys, and 1 hardcover book.
Not too heavy, but about avearage.

Hope this helps!


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