MIU MIU Belted Leather Satchel - GORGEOUS!

  1. Hi everyone! I am new to miu miu and stumbled across this beautiful tote. If you have it, can i see a picture of it being worn? Also, is it heavy? I am looking for a nice tote and i love the look of this one! also, can you fit it under your shoulder? thanks!


    Miu Miu - Belted Leather Satchel - Neiman Marcus
  2. This bag is stunning!! :drool:
  3. i know! does anybody own it, or has seen it? it's boootiful!
  4. I saw this bag at Saks recently, but I didn't pick it up (too big for me). One of our members here has this bag, let me find that thread for you. =)
  5. thanks so much! i am quite petite so am hoping it wouldn't be too big!
  6. I have this bag!

    It's great and oddly understated despite all the gold. The best part about it is that it is not heavy. The leather is beautiful, but it's light.

    I have small arms so it fits under my shoulder when wearing my dressy winter coat. But, it's a pretty small opening, so I can't wear it under my shoulder when i'm wearing my parka. Since the weather is nice on the east coast this week it hasn't been a problem.

    If you have a Saks or Barney's close by you should check it out. I have it in black, but it comes in the tan and white. The white is hot.

    I will try to take pics to show how it hangs.
  7. thankyou lisa that woudl be fantastic. i am petite so it should fit under my shoulder and i live in australia, so seldom need a coat :wlae:
  8. I really like that bag.
  9. I have just got it as my Birthday present from my BF. It was very cute and understated.I think "on your face" kind of bags put me off now.It comes in white as well.
  10. That is truly gorgeous. I love the color.
  11. Wooow, this bag is just gorgeous. I haven't seen it a lot, but personally I think this should be an 'it' bag.
  12. any pictures anyone? i am deciding between this and a mulberry and would love to see it being worn! :heart::yes:

    also does it "sit" more like this? because i like the first picture better.
  13. found a pic of the white one from baghag

    oh my i think i am going to get it!

    miumiu.jpg (image)
  14. Ok! It took a while, but I finally took a picture!
    Today it has a wallet, ipod, gloves, 2 sets of keys, and 1 hardcover book.
    Not too heavy, but about avearage.

    Hope this helps!
    bag1.jpg bag2.jpg bag3.jpg