Miu Miu ballet slippers

  1. I thought these would be darling as I love gold, and the shade of pink is a very nuetral pretty color. They were at my house waiting for me when I got home from vacation last night and I HATE THEM!! lol I can think of other things to spend $455 on!! Thought I would share! (I think they would look great on a tiny foot. )
    pics 501.jpg pics 502.jpg
  2. I think the shoes are cute, but I can see how they would maybe look better in a smaller size.
  3. The shoes are pretty! But maybe if you'd wear them with jeans or long pants they would look better?

    you must have been shopping:graucho: I was just admiring your other beautiful purchases!
  4. I think they're very pretty. But return them and use the money for something that you truly love.
  5. They are sooooo pretty. However, they are in the mail as of today. RETURNED!!