Miu Miu bags from NM came today (pics)

  1. Yikes, I am not sure if I will keep either one! They are both HUGE. I am not sure if I can carry it off. I like the first bag better (satchel) but there is an aweful looking big leather bow on each side (see pic). I like the second bag, but it feels more like an airplane carryone piece. What do you all think?
    miu.JPG miu2.JPG miu3.JPG miu4.JPG
  2. If I had to pick one of the two, I would choose the first one. The second one would be nice if it was smaller. I wish you luck in deciding! :flowers:
  3. They're both very nice. I think I would keep the first one also. Good luck.
  4. What do you all think of the bows on the first bag? If it wasn't for those it would be a keeper.

    I took the tissue out of the second one; it is so smushy. I may just keep it after all.
  5. I like the second one better. The bows on the first one would bother me too! The leather looks so soft. Either way, they are both fab bags
  6. I have both of them (the second one in brown) and love them both dearly, so I may not be of much help! I'm also almost 5'10", so I love the size of the bags. Anyway, if you don't like the bows, then return the first one. I love them, but if you're not sure, then why not wait till you find a bag you love? The second one is very versatile and so amazingly soft. If you don't love it though, I'd say return that one as well. You need to be in love with your bags!
  7. FIRST ONE.. the bows dont' bug me
  8. I love both, actually. The bows don't stand out too much since the bag is monochromatic. Any way you can post pics of you holding each bag? This may be a better way to gauge which one is better for you.
  9. i kinda like the bow,but personal opinion.
  10. I don't mind it either. It's not even a very feminine bow -- kind of more like an X.
  11. I like the bows...I really like that bag too....
  12. I have the second one in brown and love it! The size is very practical, make me able to carry everything i need, including an extra pair of shoes, clothes and even my computer :smile:
  13. I definitely like the second better, the leather is way nicer, since it's softer, it won't seem so big since it scrunches up.
  14. I like them both, i am no help.
  15. Definitely the 1st one. I like the 2nd one too but I can see how it might seem odd looking if you aren't comfortable with big bags.