miu miu bag

  1. HI everyone,
    i was wondering what everyone thought of this bag, i know its quite large, but i was thinking of using it as more of a work bag etc..., but im not sure so i wanted to get everyones opinion.


    this is the bag, i dont know if im allowed to show eBay auctions for pictures, if not please take it down as im still pretty knew to this, but i couldnt find another picture.
    THanks everyone!
  2. i love this bag
  3. does anyone know where i could find it in this particular color, i know i may be late, but i am looking for it everywhere and cant seem to locate it.
    I would really appreciate any help lol.
  4. Really like it , tired it on in the pleated version and even while it's big it wraps nicely around the body, but sorry I don't know where you can find this particular color.
  5. I have this bag it is quite large but I am only 5'3 and I don't think it looks too big
    you can get lots in it
    I love mine it is made from great leather very soft
  6. thats really cute
  7. I love this bag, it's one of my favorite miu miu bags. This is the best color as well. Go for it!