Miu Miu bag for $525

  1. just ordered it!! but im wondering, is it too small??
  2. It is a small bag but not too small..it is big enough for a wallet, hand cream and a small makeup bag.

    I actually had ordered it and returned it back to NM last wk. coz' i purchased 3 more bags on the NM online store after I had ordered this Miu Miu bag.. so I decided to return this one and kept the other 3 bags.. Don't get me wrong. This is a nice winter bag.. :smile: Just that I didn't want to rack up my cc bill. ha haa
  3. I have the larger size, haven't seen this size irl...looks great though!
  5. congrats shotfs! it's so cute!
  6. Damn they are already gone!!! If anyone gets it and doesn't like it/thinks its too small for them PLEASE PM me before you send it back!!!! :smile:
  7. You guys are fast! I went on 2 times today looking for a bag that was mentioned here and both times they were gone! Everytime I go on I just see the same old bags I've seen for the past month!!! No Luck!
  8. Gone!
  9. Here is the larger version :yes:
    Picture 1229.jpg
  10. tnx! thats really pretty!!
  11. so sad that its gone. Gorgeous bag- congrats to the lucky ones who were able to get them for that price! And if someone gets it and wants to sent it back pm me too (after slush of course)
  12. :cursing: :hysteric: NM cancelled my order for the miu miu bag for depletion of stock, how bad is that???!!! well i just ordered the gucci tote today so i hope it doesnt get cancelled...