Miu Miu Bag 50% off @ NM

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  1. That's adorable!
  2. an it's still there! I'm trying to abstain for a Bianca, but someone really ought to snatch this darling up!
  3. SOOOO cute! I just called them for dimensions, and it will be too small for me. Sigh. I didn't order it. In case anyone is interested, it's 10.5" high x 11.5" wide x 5" deep. Drop length is 7".

    I hope a TPFer gets it!! :yes:
  4. still available
  5. i'm sooo tempted!
  6. It is really cute! Still there.
  7. Very Cute! What's up with all of these cute bags going on major sale this week?!!?
  8. can that flower pin come off? I like the bag better without it...
  9. Agreed...the bag is darling, but that flower really stands out in a bad way...500 bucks is a steal!