Miu Miu = bad resale value?

  1. I bought a Miu Miu Coffer in black in the beginning of February and I only carried it a couple of times.. I found out it wasn't for me and I obviously couldn't return it since I wore it so I thought I would sell it on eBay... Well I paid retail $1445 and I've relisted it like 4 times now and I keep lowering my price but no buyers?? How come? My price now is $1250 plus shipping.. Why wouldn't someone who is thinking of buying this bag, take advantage of such a deal? Does Miu Miu really have that bad a resale value that I'm going to end up losing alot of $$$ for it to sell? Because if that's the case then I would rather just keep it I guess? Have you guys had any experience with selling Miu Miu and if so, how did that bag hold up it's value? Did you take a big or small loss?

    Thanks in advance everyone :shame:
  2. I am not sure whether the problems lies with the brand as such but more with eBay! Unless it was a seller I trusted implicitly I would rather pay the extra $200 and get it from a boutique. There are so many scams on eBay be it fake bags or swtiched bags I am very wary and guess others may be to!

    Sorry that probably hasn't helped! :smile:
  3. Hmm yeah I guess I see your point, but it's not like I'm a new seller or something. I posted tons of detailed photos plus of the receipt and I have almost 200 feedbacks and tons with people thanking for their authentic items so if people read that, they would know I'm not some kind of scammer. :sad: I don't know, but it's just really frustrating! Each time I relist, there are around 10 watchers, but no buyers! :sad:
  4. I know it sucks!! Also ebay is really slow at the moment in the UK! I am sure it is the time of year.

    Also you should keep relisting - I know I watch stuff and forget to bid!! I am sure it will sell! Is it on a buy it now? A lot of people like to bid ( I personally prefer buy it now!) Could you do it as an auction as it might attract more peolple -you can always set a reserve.

    HTH :yes:
  5. Yeah I guess I should try if it doesn't sell this time around, I might relist and start at $1 and put a reserve.. I'm too chicken to not have a reserve because imagine if it only sold for like $800 or something, I would cry.. Hahah.. Thanks for your help and I would still like to hear other peoples experience about selling Miu Miu bags and value.. :biggrin:
  6. No probs for some reason the auction thing often works - seems silly I know!

    Hopefully some miu miu sellers will chime in with their experiences!:yes:
  7. yes, i think miu miu doesnt hold their value much, i have one miu miu calf bag before, it's retail for $800+, it's in excellent condition and when i sell it on ebay, it ends like $2-300....:sad:

    MJ doesnt hold their value too, maybe too many fakes......

    and people tend to buy them and think they are authentic when the are dakes, thats why they can list a bag in such a low price.

    :yucky: :yucky:
  8. yea i agree that if i'm just going to save 200 on ebay and the item is not sold out, i'd just buy it at the store just in case i change my mind and at the store i wont get scammed for sure. also i am hesistant to buy from int'l sellers cuz i'm scared of high postage/customs.
  9. Yeah, Prada and Miu Miu do not hold their value once used. Chanel, LV & Balenciaga seem to hold their value the best (of course I own none of these).
  10. ^ I agree. If you buy a prada or miu miu bag, you are lucky to get 50% of what you paid when you try to resell it on ebay. But - I keep buying prada bags. :smile: I think its because they are not "limited". Chloe is not good for resale either now that stores are flooded with the bags - and people know that many Chloe bags go on sale for at least 33% off. Bags that rarely or never go on sale (chanel, LV and some Balenciaga) seem to do best in the resale market, but even then, you will rarely sell it for $200 less than original retail.
  11. I've sold many of my Louis Vuitton items and most of the time they go for more than I paid or very close.

    I've tried selling Prada and other brands that are available almost everywhere and go on sale often, to not sell. I'll be lucky if I get 25% of what I paid.
  12. :yes:
    I agree. I normally buy from int'l sellers on the internet only when it will save me much more and when I am sure they are authentic 100%
  13. I honestly think you'd be lucky to get $700 :push: A lot of brands have terible resale though- Fendi and Dior especially.
  14. Hmm...interesting thread and good to know. good luck with your auction!
  15. ^Great thread! Thanx!! Some good stuff to know..:yes: