Miu Miu Australia Sale

  1. Bought these a few weeks ago. Down from $740 to $370. Bargain! Luv them so much!!!
  2. So lucky! Sold out!
  3. Thank you! I wish I bought them in red too. They are so comfy!! :biggrin:
  4. HI everyone!!!
    can anyone tell me if the sales are still on??
  6. Hi guys

    I'm looking for this bag in Aus shop. I went to Miu Miu shop in DJs Melbourne but the SA there doesn't seem to be aware that Bow Bag comes in this type of leather. Anyone know where I can find this bag in Aus pleaseeeee....
  7. Does anyone know when the mid year sale will be on? In the sale before Christmas my FH bought my wedding shoes at 50% off!
    I'm eyeing the burgundy velvet slippers if they are still around in the next sale.
  8. based on last year, should be sometime first week of June
  9. Any idea if the bow or clutches will be on sale? sorry for the question if it sounds dumb..lol. I'm really not familiar with miu ^^ I love that light pink mini bow
  10. By the way, anyone know the price for the mini bow / regular bow and the mateless clutch? (sorry i can't remember how it spelt):p
  11. Has anyone heard exact dates for the sale? Should be soon.. Thanks!
  12. i have called up Chadstone store today, the person I spoke to said he is not sure about the sales date.....
  13. mini bow $1470
  14. Thanks!