Miu Miu Australia Sale

  1. Hi ladies,
    I went to Prada and they have 30% for some handbags and 40% for footware then I went to Miu Miu. They are also on sale!

    I bought one for myself. It was my first Miu Miu purchase. So happy :yahoo:
  2. Hi how exciting!! What bag did you buy?? Are all the bags in miu miu on sale??? How much off retail price?? Thanks!!
  3. I can't remember the name but it's so cute!!! The bows aren't on sale. Not many are on sale either. Handbags 30%, shoes 40%. Here is my purchase, I wasn't planning to buy one but can't resist to say no!!!

  4. Lovely bag! Congratulations on your first Miu Miu!

    Even though I have my heart set on yet another bow, and they never go on sale. I might have to drop in at DJ's now just to have a look ;)
  5. Thank you! I really like the bag. So excited to wear it this weekend.
    I also like the bow but I have mulberry alexa and balenciaga city with top handle & extra strap which is similar to bow. Did you buy anything from DJ?
  6. Haven't managed to make it down to DJ's yet - due to moving. Hoping to do it today or next week. Fingers crossed.

    Have you worn the bag yet?
  7. The sale at the Miu Miu sydney store is pretty good, but things sell out really fast there so get in there fast!
  8. lovely bag rya0209!

    i'm definitely dropping by tomorrow for some prada and miu miu goodies!

  9. Not many handbags for sale and limited amount only. When I bought mine, the SA said mine was the last one. I was lucky! The picture it looks green, but in outdoor it looks a bit blueish. I carried the bag yesterday, really enjoyed it!

    @ mallhaciel
    Thank you! Hope you get someThing there!
  10. I bought my dream bag on Fri!! Was eyeing it for months...and so happy I waited as I got it on sale!!!! Woohoo!!! Lol Xmas pressie to myself lol :smile:
    It was very busy too....lots of people buying sale items!!
  11. You're all making me curious now.. I'll have to go today..

    I will have to go this week regardless, as my wallet needs replacing.

    Now just to create some time.
  12. Only downfall is that I find some of the SA's rude that work there. There is only one nice girl that I've come across,and I'm not sure if she was the manager or a/manager but she was very rude and unhelpful which did dampen the shopping experience as I love miu miu!!
  13. i must've missed out on the all the goodies - when i went today both Prada and Miu Miu didn't have anything that caught my eye. le sigh....

    next time!

    OR hopefully my SA from hawaii might send me an email regarding the US sales *fingers crossed*
  14. Ditto! I went at lunch time yesterday and nothing caught my eye..

    My trip to LA will be after the sales.. :push:
  15. Just bought a bow bag in raspberry on sale!!!!!!!! So so excited!!!!