Miu Miu at London Heathrow Airport?

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  1. Ladies,

    I am a newbie interested in getting a Miu Miu bag. I would be traveling to London Heathrow airport this April. Does anybody know if the Prada boutique at Terminal 5 also carries Miu Miu?
  2. Not that I know of, it didn't a year ago...but it could have changed, I don't think so though...
  3. Too bad! Thanks for the info though.

    Do you know if the Harrods at terminal 5 carry them?

  4. No, I only saw bags like marc by marc jacobs ando other brands but not miu miu
  5. There is another harrods in T5? I checked harrods in T3 out 2 weeks ago, they had regular and sale Chloe, MJ, Ferragamo and this one other brand i cant remember but no miu miu.
  6. I haven't seen Miu Miu in any London airports yet. I'm flying out of Heathrow T5 this Friday. I'll let you know if they stock Miu Miu there.
  7. Thanks. Please let me know.

  8. As promised, the Prada boutique in T5 doesn't carry Miu Miu. The harrods store has Miu Miu sunglasses for sale. Other than that, there's no Miu Miu in T5 I'm afraid.

    You can still buy Miu Miu in London and get the VAT refund at the airport when you leave.
  9. Thanks a lot for the info. I've decided not to connect through Heathrow.