Miu Miu... A little help finding the bag of my dreams


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Dec 11, 2007
I've been wanting Miu Mius bow satchel in black since forever, and I can only seem to find it on styledrops.com

We don't have any Miu Miu stores here in Sweden and I'm not sure if styledrops sells authentic handbags.

Does anyone know where I can get this bag? And if not, is styledrops.com authentic and safe? I have a friend in N.Y. and one in L.A. that probably can get it for me if its available in any stores over there.

Thank you so much, I'm desperate! Haha


Nov 28, 2007
hey i'm not in US, but i know that u can find it quite easily in the US - the bow satchel in neiman marcus, bergdorf goodman, saks and barneys. It also depends if you have any particular in mind, because I think alot of the department stores only have the newer colours. Barneys have the bow satchel available on line atm, but if you want them to ship internationally you can call and make a phone order. I want the bag too! As a poor student I'm saving up... haha ;) Good luck!

x joie

Jan 31, 2007
The black one is available at all the department stores. I had a SA find me one at NM and Nordstrom, and I'm sure Saks would have it too. Definitely look into it because I don't think you get charged tax and shipping is like $40- so it's probably cheaper than styledrops! I really want the allumino from BarneysNY! Starving student here too so I'm trying hard to resist.. I think it's becoming impossible though! :biggrin: