Mitzy's irl

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  1. I have just come back from Fenwick Leicester and they have the Mitzy Messenger, the Mitzy Tote & the Mitzy Hobo & the very nice SA let me have a look at all of them.

    TBH originally I thought I would want the messenger, but after seeing how versatile the tote is (I had not read the description properly on and did not realise that it zipped up to form a messenger.

    The tote in Fenwick was turquoise & was TDF. :woohoo:

    I could not buy it as I have Mulberry vouchers to spend & I now need to track one down (I could not see turquoise on the website! perhaps it is just me).

    I am going to Shepton Mallet on Sunday and if I do not spend my vouchers there I will definitely be buying the tote.

    The hobo was just too large for me and fit very snugly under the arm.

    Does anyone know if you can spend vouchers issued in an outlet in a normal Mulberry store?

  2. Yes you can, and vice versa
  3. Yes you can. You can spend outlet vouchers in any stand alone Mulberry store but not in dept stores like John Lewis or HOF.
    I had vouchers & have just posted them off to one of the London stores for my turquoise Mitzy messenger.
    Thanks for the info about the hobo!
  4. SJ, do you not have a Mulberry Store near you? Just SM?
  5. There's a Mulberry franchise in the new HoF at Cabot's Circus at Bristol but I can't use vouchers there. I did think about going there for my MM but remembered they wouldn't take the blasted vouchers so it's coming from London.
    HOF in Bath no longer sells Mulberry & JL in Cribbs Causeway has a v small selection.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I am looking forward to spending my vouchers. :yahoo:
  7. I saw it IRL today too in Selfridges London, absolutely lovely. The oak colour was very soft and a real hobo bag, they also had a fuscia colour and a lovely white which was a patent style leather, but still in the same style. I liked them alot :smile: