Mitzy tote or bayswater..?

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  1. I have oak bayswater, but I´m graving for black bag.
    I need it for school and for winter (bad weather conditions!).. which one could be more suitable for me, mitzy tote or bayswater?
    Does anyone have the both, and could give me prons and cons for them?
    I really love my bays, but is it too much to have the same bag in two different colors?

    And I also need an iPhone cover..does anyone have the mulberry one?

  2. I don't think anyone on this forum would dissuade you from having the same bag in multiple colourways. :graucho:

    But it's up to you! As I don't have either bag (still pining for a Bayswater), I can't really give you any useful opinions. However, having said that, it might be nice to have a different style bag that you can use for outings that you wouldn't want to drag a Bays to.
  3. Hi there Im a bays girl so I vote bays- I had a mitzy tote but couldnt get on with it- just didnt like the flimsy handle- but I have just bought my mum one and she loves it!! I love mitzy medium hobo but I guess it wont be large enough for you?
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    I have both and the mitzy tote is great if you want to take it out folded down and then make it bigger later on wearing it as a messenger weighed down is not the most comfortable thing and as mentioned the straps are thinner than the bays, but the bays is very heavy with nothing it, so your lacking the lighter messenger use. Both are great in all weathers, good luck with the decision.

    Sorry back again iphone covers got a few don't go for the daria's unless you check that they shut properly the ones which lock down with the postman locks are much better, the first daria style shut with a raised flap and look yuk.