Mitzy strap

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  1. Hi Ladies. My Medium Mitzy Hobo arrived today. She is just beautiful.

    I do have one question - the strap seems very stiff when I put her over my shoulder. Does this loosen up with time and become supple (as the SA told me) and mold to your shoulder? It just seems so stiff and I am afraid it might hurt. I do hope it softens up.

    Any help would be great! As always, thanks!
  2. Congrats on your Mitzy yes they do soften up nicely over time
  3. please post a pic. Im starting to think I NEED a mitzy now. Would love to see yours
  4. congrats! lovely bag
  5. yes it does soften a bit....but would prob require quite a bit of use first.
  6. Hi tegan,
    I'm sure the Mitzy hobo girls will be along to reassure you about the strap.
    I was a little concerned about this issue myself and went for the messenger in case the shoulder strap didn't soften.
    But...I'm pretty sure that it must soften with use or there wouldn't be such big Mitzy hobo fans out there!

    Congrats on the new bag. What colour did you go for?
  7. It will take a good few weeks but I find it a very comfortable stap to use.

    Congrats, it's a fab bag.
  8. Pile a few heavyish things into your bag .. hang it over something for a wee while, maybe with a towel or something under it to avoid any marks etc. Give it a wiggle every now & then to help it along too ... but it will soften up the more you use it, so get using it!!

    I speak from experience of the Mitzy handle of course .. :P

    Where are the pics?? :biggrin:
  9. Well done tegan - great bag. What colour did you go for?
    My has softened up lovely - and it didn't take too long.