Mitzy Messenger or Large Ant

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  1. Anyone know which one to go for needs to be an everyday bag! x:biggrin:
  2. mmmm i would say mitzy messenger, i think you might get more in it?
  3. I would say seth :smile:
    I love mine, think its lighter than the large ant.
  4. I would vote for Mitzy!
  5. mitzy - its a great every day bag and needs no babying - itd fits loads in and is mega comfy
  6. Ant has a more secure fastening - not sure if just a popper will bother you....
  7. Mitzy gets my vote, I love mine :biggrin:
  8. i think it might be a black Mitzy it's for Uni and daily bits where I wouldn't take my Bays!
  9. I vote Mitzy too! I have a Mitzy hobo that I use to uni and work and it is perfect!