Mitzy Messenger Emerald or Rouge Noir

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  1. I am looking to purchase the above bags and wondering if anyone has seen any in any of the outlets?

    I know they have both on Ebay but I don't really want to pay that much when I know they cost much less in the Outlets.

    Also does anyone have this bag? Is it an easy bag to use? I am using my Alexa at the moment and although it does look stunning it is a bit fiddly to keep open and closing.

    My daria satchel on the other hand is really easy to use and wear. I may consider buying this bag in another colour if the Mitzy is difficult to use.

    I would really appreciate your help xxx:biggrin:
  2. This is my current dilemma too.

    I think Emerald would probably favour my wardrobe better. Although I have a lot of red and am worried I'll look like a Christmas elf.

    Am really starting to hate outlet stuff showing up on eBay. I know it's all about meeting the demand and people are willing to pay the price, but I'm just annoyed that I miss out. It's a purely selfish thing, on the plus side, they're probably saving me lots of money (kind of)
  3. Yes its very annoying. It would be ok if I lived near an outlet store as I could check on their stock 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I think maybe I should just purchase the one on Ebay because by the time I factor fuel costs and tea & cake :graucho: I'm probably not going to be far off.

    I love both the Emerald & the Rouge Noir and am contemplating buying both. If thats not to greedy!!!

    Do you already have a Mitzy Fongchau?
  4. I don't have a Mitzy. It's taken a long time for it to grown on me, but I am convinced I need one in my life. Well, I've convinced myself I need two actually - a large oak hobo and a messenger in black, emerald or RN. Then I could switch the hobo strap and have a med Mitzy hobo too. That's the plan anyway.

    They're such lovely, hard-working bags and I love the soft pebbled leather.
  5. Yes I no what you mean. And it doesn't take much convincing!! I always thought they were quite plain & boring but now I can't wait to get my hands on one.

    Thats quite a good plan you have about swapping straps. Don't know if the hobo style is for me though. I really do like my messengers!

    Well now we just have to locate them and buy them xxx
  6. I think they are both gorgeous! I dont have the emerald mitzy but I do have the Rouge noir. It gets a lot of compliments and is my most used bag... rain or shine.
    whatever you decide on you will get a gorgeous bag!
  7. Hi ilovemulberry73
    There are a couple of posts on Mulberry Shopping about the emerald Mitzy Hobo being seen in the outlets - maybe the messenger will soon start appearing ? I know the rouge noir messengers were around in the summer at the outlets but haven't heard of any being seen recently. Bicester normally receive their stock on a Thursday I believe, maybe you could give them a ring then ? Good luck ! :biggrin:
  8. Mitzy is a lovely bag, so practical and easy to go. I have a RN, lovely colour. Only seen the emerald on ebay though.

    I understand your irritation on the people ebaying straight from the outlets. But it is a possibility for us that don't have access to the outlets.
  9. oo my lovely dh got me a rn in the summer and has put it away as a gift i cant wait to use it.. hope you manage to find what your heart wants...
  10. OMG Messy. How can you bear having it in the house and not being able to use it yet? It would drive me crazy. Is it for xmas or a birthday? Lucky you though..How exciting:yahoo: The RN seems to be a popular colour choice.

    Thanks Mhynne & Lakrits for your replies.

    Thanks for the info Cocopops.. will definitely give them a call on Thursday:biggrin:
  11. anniversary which is ages away, but i think he will cave before then hee he. i hope
  12. I hope so too... aaahhhh bless him. Have to give out a few hints to my DH I think although he still doen't quite understand my obsession
  13. Hi there I had a Rouge Noir Mitzy Messenger at the beginning of the year, stunning colour but the handle drop is very long (hence the messenger name). I found it a bit too long for night time but great everyday, i sold it on ebay for what i paid for it.. I've also seen the Emerald on ebay and put it on watch. The Emerald looks stunning and i've not seen as many of these.....Daria Satchels are pretty cool because you can use them as a messenger or a shoulder bag as well.... hope it helps
  14. Thanks Minkymorgan. I actually like the longer handles so thats quite a good thing for me. I agree the Emerald does look gorgeous. I have a Daria satchel in black and absolutely love her. I have used her every day for almost a year now. I am also tempted by the Daria in Oxblood.
  15. i vote RN! I love it! Also, if you are tempted by the oxblood daria, it's a similar-ish colour (kind of!)