Mitzy messenger & dorset tote

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  1. Hi

    Thanks in advance if you are able to help - a bit stuck.......again!

    I am selling my SS Alexa Pebbled Beige. I know I've wanted a SS for ages and jumped into buying this colour in a rush when really I was looking for a nightshade. After seeing the finish IRL combined with the colour, although this bag is truly beautiful with rosegold hardware, it just isn't practical for me I've decided.

    I am looking at a Mitzy messenger in eggplant and a dorset tote in forest fruits. I like both of them and desperately need some colour in my Mulberry collection - everything is oak with one black Alexa. I could also afford some accessories too then!! I have an offer for 15% of Harrods so could get the tote for a little cheaper.

    My question is would you sell the Alexa taking into account the fact that although it is beautiful it will just sit in my cupboard and be looked at. I need an everyday bag which will withstand some use.

    Also, could I find a continental wallet (or equivalent) in eggplant as I like my wallets/purses to match the bag as far as possible.

    If you've got any more suggestions about colour or styles of bags which would be good, that's be great;)

    If you've got this far, thank you very much for your patience and looking forwrad to your opinions and ideas.

  2. My advice is always sell a bag you wont use in pref to one you will- I recommend EP Mitzy from the outlets over dorset tote which looks flimsy imo- and the outlets will be able to tell you what matching EP items they have but be quick before they go!
  3. I would not recommend the Dorset tote. I ordered in forest fruits because I looooved the color but the quality was awful & I mean awful! Super cheap....I actually thought it felt like fake leather . Good luck deciding :smile: !! Needless to say, it got returned immediately !
  4. I would definitely recommend selling a bag you are worried about using, they are too expensive to be admired and not used.

    I use a black Mitzy for everyday use both with the hobo and messenger strap and I love it. It is hard wearing, versatile and the pebbled leather is gorgeous (I also have the tan in buffalo leather and it's not as durable). Good luck with your decision! :biggrin:
  5. I 2nd that with the dorset ive seen them in store when they came out and especially the oak one the quality is horrendous. I on the other hand have been thinking the same about my ss alexa but dont know weather to sell it or not
  6. Get the mitzy. I don't have one but I know it is a hardwearing bag which is why it was so popular.
    I ordered the Dorset in black forest and could not wait to return it!! There have been a few people who like it so you may want to search the forum. However I really disliked it and didn't think it would last 2 weeks so definitely not years. Bought a neverfull instead for a tote which I am very happy with.
  7. Hi lcy, firstly where did you get the 15% Harrods discount from??!! :biggrin:

    I agree with the others, if you're not going to use SS pebbled beige, she has to go. She is stunning and you do have to be careful what you where her with.

    I agree with the others, go for the mitzy but you will have to be quick, before they sell out at the outlets.

    If you need a tote, you could wait for the SS13 range to come out and they seem to have stunning totes coming out then and some with cookie detailing too ;)
  8. My daughter has the Dorset tote as that was the only tote she liked the look of and wanted. However before i bought it to her she contacted the CS at Mulberry and asked about the weight and the load that is says it will carry if it is correct that as they state on their website, (that it can carry 7 kg load) and they confirmed that. Without that reasurrence I was a bit unsure that it could actually carry so much and hold up to it. So after that I bought it to her and she loves it. I think the leather is fine considering that it a nappa leather so you really cant compare it to the Bayswater Tote that is made in a much more durable leather, but also more expensive.
    But I would actually have prefered if she wuld have choosen the Bayswater Tote as I see that one as a workhorse that will hold for many years, but that one was out of the question for her, she did not like it at all.
    She does uses her tote everyday and carry her Macbook and some books in it and it is doing fine so far.
    I agree with the part about selling bags that you dont use. I should do the same!
  9. Thanks for your help - hopefully it's sold so I'll be able to investigate the eggplant a little further x
  10. Hi
    Sorry to hear about your dorset experience. I'd heard about it being a bit flimsy etc when reading on here but thought I might like it anyway ??? Not sure I'm going to takt the plunge. Need to be hands free really. Thanks for your help x
  11. My SS already has a little transefr on it and I was super careful. I really look after my bags but obviously didn't baby this one enough. I think I'm looking for something different but that will wear well too!
    Hope fully you'll make the right decision about yours. Good luck x
  12. Thanks for your help - I read that you weren't overly happy with your dorset which you orderd a couple of months ago. Now I may have funds, I'm not even sre about the Mitzy. I think I'll wait until I find something I really love x
  13. Hi Cupcake!!
    I think I may have sold the SS - It was lovely to look at but I was terrified of wrecking it!

    I'm not sure about the Mitzy - I need to be handsfree but I think I'm just looking for the sake of buying!! IYKWIM?
    I think I'll hang on until either the sales of SS13 - loved that minty tote with the daisy lock!!

    I had an email from Harrods as I had things left in y basket for a while and they offered 15% through this??
  14. Luckly mine doesnt have any one but i didnt mange to get blue on my plaster pink sbs with jeans luckly most of it has wiped off infact i tried to show my mum and she said she couldnt even see anything
  15. Don't just buy for the sake of it! ;) wait until you find something you fall in love with. Wish I had your 15%discount though. Hehe.