Mitzy madness

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  1. Today I have seen most of the Mitzy's , the messenger , hobo and tote in most colours . Tried them all too ..
    I did make a little purchase and will do some pics later .
    I'll try and answer any q's anyone has .
  2. OOh dying to find out what it was that you bought!!:yahoo:
  3. Always love seeing your new purchases, Flossie.
  4. What did you buy Flossie??!! Can't wait for pics!
  5. Flossie,
    i really, really like the messenger and hobo in oak. What did you think of them, was the hobo huge? How did it sit on the shoulder?
    How did the messenger look across body, did it sit nicely, off the shoulder or was it really long (i'm 5.6")??
    What did you think of the leather......?

    Can't wait to see what you've bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::roflmfao:
  6. The suspense is killing me. What dit you bought?
  7. Can't wait to see you modelling it Flossie! You always look so fab in your pictures, we are not worthy! :yahoo:
  8. Lowdown needed Flossie on the messenger and the hobo.

    I have both set aside and the SA told me the hobo was a similar size to the large Roxy tote and the messenger to a Bayswater.
    What did you think of the turquoise colour - it's been described by the SA as Tiffany blue-like.
    I'm tempted by the hobo but fear it will be enormous. What did you think of the brown strap against the turquoise leather?
  9. What did you like the mitzy tote? I looked at it in oak and It sort of grows on you. Didn't liek it at first, but then started to think it looked nice.
  10. BTW, my bet is on a Mitzy tote.
  11. :wlae::woohoo::wlae::woohoo:
  12. Come on Flossie- I need some pics and a review of everything you saw!!!!
  13. Can't wait to see what you bought! So curious to see the Mitzies IRl, or second best on a picture!
  14. :sweatdrop: :popcorn:
  15. Now I'm not a tease but I have to get my boy out of his sick bed to do the pics or you'll have to wait for the Princess to get in from work ..
    Hold on...... I'll be back soon.