Mitzy Hobo

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  1. Has anyone seen this irl the measurements seem very large I may get one if they have it in black as I am off to London next week
  2. There are some pics on the mannequin on" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter :tup:
  3. Thanks ditab I will go and look
  4. Tried this bag on today, i really liked it but felt it was a little too big.
    I would say though you'd have to try it on yourself, it is really delicious !
  5. ^^^^ Thanks will try it in Bond St next week
  6. It looks rather big, but beautifully soft and slouchy - I imagine it will be very comfortable to carry!
  7. Do you think it will be difficult to find stuff on the bottom of the bag...? It seems so deep when looking at the measurements.

    I definitely need to see the Mitzies IRL.
  8. It looks great. Only problem with large bags is that I fill them, so that give a bit of a weight problem!
  9. I made a template & it was enormous. I'm 5ft 3 so I just don't think I could carry off such a big bag. I love that style though, wish they'd done the hobo in two sizes.
  10. maybe they will SJ!!
  11. Gracious - a template - you are so professional ( your bag lust).
  12. ^^Obsessive I think! It was actually a suggestion from another tpf'er. I felt v Blue Peter!

  13. ;):lol:

    I'm now seriously thinking about the oak Mitzy hobo and attaching my cream messenger strap :idea:

    I just can't decide between the hobo, tote and messenger :confused1: I don't really need another messenger (I've got Joni, Milton & Martha) and I guess I've got the Elgin and Roxanne as a totes (as Roxy doesn't fit over my shoulder). I love the sound of the size of the hobo.

    Oooh, I can't wait to get to a store to try some out IRL. Is it awful that I was seriously thinking of ordering the Mitzy hobo from NAP, just to check it out, and then returning it (as there's free shipping atm) :shame: Don't worry - I won't. The temptation to keep it might be too strong :P
  14. ooh go on Ditab- you can review it for us!!!!
  15. Go on Dita , it's seriously fabby. I would be very tempted with this one , they just didn't have it in store . I saw the white so I know the shapes good. I did like it more as a tote rather than zipped up like a pouch though.