Mitzy a little something

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  1. Well, I received my Medium Mitzy Hobo :yahoo: Thank you very much ladies on your replies about the handle and the stiffness of it.

    I was so happy to receive her in Oak. She is just beautiful. The SA also sent me the larger Hayden in gingerbread so I could choose between the two. While the Hayden was beautiful and the color incredible, I wasn't thrilled how she laid when I put all my "stuff" in her. I felt as everything fell to the center and then I had a lot of extra bag and the flap did not hang right - I had to do fixing and juggling...

    The Mitzy was great! Everything fit perfectly in her and I am sure after wearing her a bit, she will slouch even more.

    I did get one other reveal....I wonder what it could be????

    Mulberry is quite addicting. But, I guess there are worse things in life ;)

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  2. thats gorgeous congrats!
    now wheres the purple reveal?
  3. Oh, tegan, she is a beauty. I have an Oak mitzy and she is my favourite bag. She goes with almost everything and is so will have so much enjoyment from her......what else did you get??????
  4. She's a beauty Tegan. I love the medium size.
  5. Lovely bag Tegan - I've got the messenger version (and a few other colours) - total workhorse bag.
  6. wheres the other little somthing??? x
  7. She is beautiful, rich oak colour - divine! Congrats:yahoo: What else?
  8. Love the Mitzy in Oak, congrats - a complete stunner :biggrin:
  9. It was too cute and we have had so much snow....

    And I wanted to take a trip and ride a bus....

    But have no holiday planned....

    Oh my....

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  10. oh soooo cute! i love these keychains! congrats on both!
  11. Congrats on your fabulous Mitzy and an adorable bus !
  12. The carousel horse looks amazing on the website as does the Fairgrounds necklace. Must wait for those to go on sale... My niece would love them as she loves horses!!
  13. Gorgeous Mitzy Teagan! I love the style and the colour, it looks very comfortable too. It will go with everything too, i expect you will use it loads. The keyring is also fab! It will look really good on the mitzy i think. Congratulations and enjoy your lovely new purchases xx
  14. Fabulous purchases tegan! I have the Mitzy Messenger in oak and it's one of my favourite bags!
  15. congratulations with your lovely new mitzy and the cute keyring :biggrin: