Mite noisy nightmare......

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  1. Yuk!!

    AUCKLAND (AFP) - A New Zealand man is now sleeping peacefully after years of living with an infestation of mites in his ear finally came to an end.

    Paul Balvert's "noisy nightmare" went undiagnosed for two years before it was discovered by a nurse at a specialist clinic.
    "For years I had no idea what was wrong," a relieved Balvert told the New Zealand Herald.
    "I had been hearing continual bubble and squeak noises in my ears and it was worse at night. Sometimes I would get up in the morning and think I would be lucky if I had got any sleep.
    "And there was movement. That was the worst -- the itch. Many times during the day and night I would stick my fingers and cotton buds in my ears to try and relieve the itch. It was unreachable."
    His doctor twice flushed his ears with water, but he got no relief.
    Balvert eventually went to see a specialist. Nurse Theresa O'Leary said she was amazed to see "very active, tiny, bulbous, semi-transparent mites moving around in a moist layer and white eggs present all over the canal and eardrum.
    "There were about a hundred of them. It was a well-stocked breeding ground," she said.
    Doctors used suction to remove all visible mites and eggs from Balvert's ear, but hidden eggs soon hatched and his problem resurfaced.
    Balvert was eventually cured when microbiologist Chris Mansell recommended soaking the ear in a liquid used for scabies and head lice.
    Balvert, who owns a chicken shed-cleaning business, believes the mites entered his ear one day when a chicken feed pan was emptied over his head.
  2. eewwwwwww
  3. eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww~~~~~!!!!!!!!
  4. ewwwwww, that is so gross. I can't believe thst he lived like that for two years, :yucky::yucky::throwup:
  5. That poor, poor man!
    If someone told me I had mites living in my ear canal I don't know what I would do first, faint or throw up?
  6. lol, at least he knew his sources!
    but, oh my gosh, on a more serious note, how painful and how gross to think about it. it was ALL the way in his ear canal? oh yeah, i read it correctly.
    wow, great story. great horrifying story. i could kind of imagine this too.:yucky:
  7. i'd probably rather pass out and die
  8. Gross!!!
  9. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  10. Me too. This is too gross.:throwup:
  11. When I lived in San Diego I took my cats to a vet who---this is NO LIE--deliberately put ear mites in his OWN EARS to see what it was like for his patients.
  12. HEYYYY!!! My vet recently discovered my dog had ear mites. They sleep on the bed all the time! Right now they are getting treated. Should I be worried?