mistakes. i've made a few.

  1. i'm obsessing on the b-bags. i, um, aquired 3 ok, 4 bbags rather quickly.:shame:
    Now i know what i want bbag-wise. all black bags. (but i had to (had to-wink wink) buy the steel bag and the blue bag and ink bag to figure that out) oiy.
    i needed a reality check & fessed up to bf; my :heart: for the bags and the forum.
    mumbled, of course, when asked about price. i laid them all out. (i'll send pics) he said keep them if you love them, but stop going to the forum. :shocked:

    i decided just to keep the first and to let my most recent ink courier go and get a black courier. unless i keep the Part-time. of course the Day is a classic. ultimately i think i want one big and one small. (i don't want to own ALL that stuff, whats all that talk about having a small footprint?)

    and then i'll see a pic of the city on someone else and reshuffle the bags in my head. i'll keep this but let these 2 go. no. or i'll keep this one switch the straps.

    its really obsessive this whole bbag thing. and then last week i wandered into the chanel forum. saints preserve me i can never go back there. the possibilities are endless :sweatdrop:

    anybody else going thru this? (obsessive bbag stuff) please someone say yes. :yes:

    wishlist: black courier and common sense :search:
  2. My dear - I have done it for Mulberry, then Balenciaga and I am currently doing it for Chloe as well. I am a lost soul!!!! (I am not looking at any of the other bag forums though.) Sale season hit me like a runaway locomotive this year. I refuse to get into discussion of numbers, which are so fluid anyway.

    Unfortunately my discussions on the Chloe forum are also encouraging my designer cat fetish as well. I also buy too much ethnic jewellery on eBay.

    I started wanting discreet colours, then I turned to bright pretty things, I am now encompassing browns, which is terribly abnormal for me. I will have to cull soon more soon. I am currently brooding on Balenciaga purses and wallets because my old man is less likely to spot them in the post.
  3. omg. we're cut from the same cloth!
    i even get your <<encompassing browns, which is terribly abnormal for me>> oh yeh oh yeh. i get that. & your last sentence, i love it. :lol:
    thank you for sharing. i truly truly appreciate it. peace.
  4. Yep. I do this, too. I say live with them all for a bit and see which ones you reach for most. It might surprise you. The collection that makes sense in my head ( one this size, one bright, etc.) does not line up with the bags I use the most. My blueberry day has the iffiest leather of all my b-bags, but I wear here the most because she just goes with everything.

    And after reading your post, I want a black courier too!
  5. I am, but I dont have the funds yet to purchase lol, forum's can be tempting looking (drooling) at everyone's gorgeous bags and then wenting it. Lol. Good luck!!! And enjoy your bbags!
  6. Phen.. its safe to say.. that we've all been there...& some are currently there. I totally know what you mean.. I keep on telling myself that it's a phase.. and I really think it is. You buy some (sight unseen), you try it out, want another, so you purchase another... then realize your account is depleted, and still want another. Then sell some, buy some, sell some more to replace another. A lot of it is trial and error, you eventually get a feel of what you’re looking for. My DH mentioned to me that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to visit tpf anymore to help w/ my splurges... but I didn't think totally eliminating it was the answer. I can safely say now.. that I can look & drool over other pf’ers bags w/o wanting to purchase it. It’s a wonderful reference as well, & you meet a lot of cool new people all over the world. :yes:So point being…. Moderation is key… and yes.. I have to constantly remind myself as well, and it this “phase” will surpass. ... it's :huh:OOkay :okay:
  7. ^^ lol, you're a girl after my own heart!!! :roflmfao:...i'm the black b-bag queen & almost all of my b-bags are black (except for the browns, which are the new black, lol!!!) :p...and yes, i completely relate to the obsessive b-bag stuff...you're in good company here sweetie!!! :tup:
  8. uuugh tell me about i am after buying two more weekenders just this week:wlae:....but i think i kinda got my priorities straight recently, i just need one more bbag ( grenat/bordeaux ) and i am sorted until spring! i think the most important thing is to know exactly that you REALLY want this particular bag you`re buying ...i have never resold the bag i bought, i only spent my money on the ones i really truly waaaant...

    i have the chloes i want, the Diors i want, there are two Chanels i am craving for and then i seriously hope i am DONE ! (apart from the black box kelly...in a few years maybe :sweatdrop: )

    good luck with getting your collection sorted girlie!:okay:
  9. Oh Phen.. you are definitely not alone in this forum. I only started the bbag craz in June. I just ordered by 3rd. After I receive that one I must must must must go on a ban. My BF also tells me to give up the tPF but I simply cannot! I am going to have to follow oogiewoogie's path and just drool on other's bags! And also limit myself to say.. 2 bags a year? :s
  10. Goodness, it seems we're all in the same boat. My FI has also told me to cut down on tPF as he thinks that it feeds into my addiction! ...that may be true. I come on here and lust after all the beautiful bags I see posted and that gets me to thinking that I must have them all! I first went through an LV phase, that brought me to Balenciaga, Gucci, Dior, Chloe, MJ, and once again, I'm back here at Balenciaga and forsaking all others because I've realized that Bbags are my one true handbag love. I've just bought 2 new Bbags in the past 3 days alone! I've told my dear FI that I'm done until our wedding has occurred. That means that I after I receive my last 2 bags, I'm done for a whole YEAR. That's right, no handbag purchases for one year. Dear me, how will I get through this? Probably by drooling all over everyone's new bags posted on here. Either that...or I'll find some sort of loophole. :sneaky:
  11. ^^ ACK, you sound as bad as me nataliam!!! :nuts:...in the last month i've gotten a baby cabas, a cognac spy & a black silverado tote :busted...i'm in big trouble if i don't sell some bags F*A*S*T!!!
  12. wowl. thanks everybody. guess i will have to learn to be content drooling @ others bags. it's like going to the bakery and just enjoying the smell.
    not so hot in that situation either.
    do most 'upload' to eb*y? is that ok to ask? i will sit w/them for bit.
    wait for a connection or not.
  13. Mmmm common sense, need to get myself some of that!

    I can completely empathize! I see the glorious bags on tPF and then it starts...I just keep ogling and wanting and ogling and pining and ogling and dreaming until I have to have it. And there are so many to choose from! I'm totally like you, I have to keep going over my mental list to know what I should get!

    Bags have consumed my life this summer. Rather than work so I have extra spending money for my study abroad in Rome, I've gone and spent most of it on bags. And here, now I've not spent my paychecks from August, but am I saving it? No, I'm going to BalNY on Monday and blowing it all...see? No common sense in this head!

    I love this forum because I love knowing I'm not alone!

  14. I think if it's a store like NM, AR, or Barneys that the bag was purchased from, you are better off returning it there, you'll get the full price back. Otherwise, that certain unnamed auction site is one place to unload your unwanted stuff. You can always use a consignment shop like Ann's Fabulous Finds, and they take a percentage of the sale, I don't know the number exactly. I have to figure out how to sell on said unnamed site so I can get rid of my non-bbags to get more bbags. :nuts:
  15. All I can say is... "been there, done that." LOL. I totally thought that I only wanted black and brown Bbags, but then when I got my very first Bbag, which was an Aquamarine GH PT... I fell in love. I'm actually thinking of getting an Ink Day that a friend of mine has offered to sell me. Make the voices stop!! hahahhahaha