Mistaken for a relic! Has it happened to you?


Mar 29, 2006
The other night I was at a gathering with friends who play music. I carefully set my Bal City in a place it shouldn't have gotten disturbed. It must have slipped onto the floor, because later on I saw it scrunched below a banjo case! Was I mad? No! It actually amused me, because it must have seemed like some random vintage thing that didn't require any special treatment.

Any situations like this, where your beloved B bag went "underground" and just became part of a scene?
Nov 15, 2012
Love this story ! My friends don't realise what my First is, in terms of it being a high end bag, last night I was at a friends at a party and my bag got moved around quite a bit but I am not precious with it, its pre loved, well used, and I spent a lot of money by my standards for it to be babied and not enjoyed.... not everyones point of view, and maybe I'd feel differently if I'd purchased at full price, but I very much think bags are meant to be loved and used and only improve with such an attitude :smile: ( I do feel a LITTLE sorry for yours under a banjo case though lol !!!)


Aug 26, 2006
This hasn't happened to me mostly because I'm a bit anal about never letting my bags out of sight. But I've seen people treat other people's bags like this (especially guys - they just throw the purse on the floor and off they go), and I think it boils down to some people just treat all purses as sacks that you carry stuff in. And I know that's exactly what purses are but I'm too freaked out to just leave mine laying around when in social settings, unless I know that there are no pets in the house and all the people are known to me. (I've been at parties where money went missing from someone's bag and maybe it didn't happen at the party, but the question mark was there.)


Oct 2, 2013
New York
I don't know if this experience is similar but I was out with some friends and I was carrying my cross body Toolkit that night. My friend (a guy) grabbed it by the strap and pulled me back pretty hard-- he was trying to keep me from crossing the street or something. I freaked out, considering I hadn't even been carrying it a week. I just don't like anything happening to my bags that isn't within my control, LOL. He pulled so hard that he actually stretched out a little bit of the hardware that connects the strap to the bag... I fixed it with a pair of pliers but I was not a happy camper. I've gotten over it because it's silly to remain angry at something like that, but anyways


Jun 13, 2014
This happens to me all the time. Majority of my friends have cheap under $150 dollar bags so they never baby them and chuck them on the ground. I typically carry my bags as I don't like them on the floor unless it's a very clean special floor :smile:

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Louis Vuitton•Chanel• Balenciaga
Oct 5, 2012
Once one of my friend "literally" sat on my bag twice.

Another friend asked to put "her pumps" in my bag on the night we are going for some drinks. She gave me the reasons that she couldn't wear high heels so long time. However, I didn't allow her to do so. I mean even myself I don't carry shoes in my bag.!!

These two girls aren't even close to me I can feel they "intended to do this". Sometimes people are just mean.


Nov 4, 2011
One of my friends grabbed onto my bag when we went out. Even thought I didn't say anything, I was cringing on the inside!!

Another time, I left my bag on the bus seat for a while and when I returned, a girl put her heavy backpack on top of my bag!!!! I was quite shocked she did that because I would never squish someone's bag/belonging just because I don't want to carry my own things or need somewhere to put them.


Jan 11, 2014
I once took my Violet Day out to brunch and sat it on a chair. My friends followed suit, and piled their bags on top of mine (they carry backpacks mostly!). I was a little bothered by it at first, then I just shrugged it off and decided not to be precious about it, lol. My friends are great people, and they know Balenciaga is an expensive bag, but I suppose it just didn't occur to them to treat it any differently. I've taken my Day out with me for drinks and had beers sloshing over it all night, but it came out the next morning looking pristine still. (Never underestimate the power of Applegarde...)

That said, don't let babying your bags get in the way of a good time! I feel like Bals are made to live life to the fullest, as odd as that sounds. I try to treat them well, but if they get bumped around, a nick here and there doesn't really bother me too much. Gives the bag a lived-in look anyway, which I like.


May 18, 2012
Los Gatos Mtns
Love this thread! I was at an awards dinner in Jan. and one of my co-workers sat on my
Automme (sp?) Clutch. I didn't freak out too much. I just waited for him to leave the seat
and put my bag in a safer place.


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
My boyfriend grabbed mine and threw it on the floor at a restaurant to "help put it away" lol, as there were no spare chairs to put her in. I just sat there looking at her on the floor with big eyes until I could find a better place to put her.


May 12, 2010
La La Land
This thread has some hillarious stories. I think those who are not familiar with balenciaga mistook them for relics because of the way they slouch. Whilst many of us true balenciaga fans look for broken in musshy leather that puddles, majority of people associate new bags with rigid structure and stiff leather. I guess this is what that differentiate us (balenciaga fans) with the others. We are just wired differently 😊 Heck..i dont care if people look at me funny when i carress my balenciagas.
Now I'll leave it at that and go back to wearing my new city daily. Cant wait for it to get really soft!