Mistake on Prada Gauffre bn1336

  1. My girl friend helped me to get the prada tessuto gauffre bn 1336 from f.lli prada boutique in Europe - galleria victorio emanuele

    However the logo inside the bag is not upright!!!

    She paid the item by cash and original receipt has been submitted for vat reclaim. Do u think it is still possible to exchange it from my local boutique???

  2. The last time I asked a friend to help buy a MiuMiu from Paris, she also submitted the original receipt for vat refund.

    I called the boutique and requested them to fax over a copy of the receipt. I didn't need an exchange or anything, just wanted to keep a copy. I think it might be easier to ask for an exchange with a receipt copy rather than nothing at all.
  3. She paid by cash. Will the receipt have her name? If so I will request for a copy otherwise the boutique can also check with their counterpart over there? Sigh.

    I was shock to see this. Don't they have quality control?!
  4. did your girlfriend prove that she purchased from Prada boutique in Europe? Do you have a picture to show?
  5. I would like to add that in Marina Baysands (Singapore), in the year 2011, I once went to Prada Boutique to ask for Prada Gauffre in Alumino. It cost 4K. However, the MILANO tag was upside down. I even went to Ion Boutique to talk to some friends regarding this bag, including the manager. Nope, quality control was not even present in the real Prada bag, and it made me feel that sometimes the online designers might have been even more careful than the boutiques because they don't take for granted the authenticity, while boutiques almost always do! Anyway, the Marina Baysands (Singapore) Prada branch people are quite nice about it: of course they couldn't sell me the bag, but I would advocate more care in ensuring quality.

    I am actually sharing this story so that people will realize that not only online designers have upside down logos. Even I myself and the member above (CUP) have had similar problems with Authentic Boutiques, so what more about online designers?

    I think sometimes we must realize that boutiques are not the be-all and end-all answers: one must always check carefully, and not really judge immediately whether a bag is boutique or outlet quality.
  6. Sorry for your trouble. When your friend purchased the bag, they should have registered the purchase under her name in the system. Call your local boutique and check if they can look up your (or your friends) purchase history. That is the only proof of purchase you may have other than a receipt.