Mistake double purchase = double happiness with pix. Come see!

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  1. Just a silly story to share: I am madly in love with the motif top handle pouch designs and was watching a few colours on the bay a few weeks ago. I started out wanting the yellow one but the lower prices of other colours beckoned. They are all too cute!

    Anyway, I was feeling reckless and placed bids on all the ones I wanted just to see if mine would go through. As an international buyer, I get a little impatient when I have to wait for sellers to give the green light but from experience some do have settings that accept international buyers although they just state the US as their region of sale. A little naughty but please read on....

    I got outbid on all of my choices except for the pink motif. I soon realised it was a second hand one that was used only once by the seller's daughter. It looked like it was in good condition anyway. BUUUUUUT, I found a red one at only USD62 BIN! I had to have it! So I bought it.

    Unfortunately, I was the only bidder for the pink one (you followin' me still?) and as fate would have it, I won it at USD69. Argh, I thought the shopping gods were punishing me. How could I have two?! But it would be easy to fool DBF into thinking I bought only one 'coz they look so similar.

    SOOOOOOO they have both arrived and I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: them both!!!!!!! They are like my favourites in my collection.

    Here are some pictures of my twins. It was a moment of insanity but it turned out alright...:yahoo:

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  2. I'm glad it all worked out, you look cute modeling it. What's the name of your sunnies you're wearing in your avatar? They're the perfect shape.
  3. Those are really cute (and you look great holding it!). I'd love to get something with this design myself one day. :smile:
  4. Thanks, oopsididitagain!! My sunnies are not Coach unfortunately — they are a pair of 1,000JPY (about USD9-10) sunnies from a Harajuku street stand. But they are awesome as I can trash them around without guilt and they still look okay. Great for beach parties and messy bbqs :P
  5. Thanks rubyjuls, I felt on top of the world yesterday when I took my motif to a fireworks party. There are more available on the bay these days as they are last year's design. Go get one!! :tunes:
  6. oooh babe, the pink one is so lovely! the pink flower charm is perfect and that top goes so well with it! you look great! :heart: i'm glad you love them both too! i know what you mean by feeling on top of the world when you're carrying a fabulous little purse. i've been feeling like that every time i go out these days! :nuts:
  7. Haha, I know! I've been watching the wristlet and wallet on and off. One day. :yes:
  8. Thanks babe! I liked it so much, I am carrying it again today. :jammin:
  9. They look a lot like Coach sunnies, I couldn't tell. lol I bought a pair today for $59 at TJ Maxx and DH thought that was too much. They look just like the ones you have on. I'd return them but they fit me so good I don't want to. I have to be careful with them though, like you said I can't just trash them around.:sweatdrop:
  10. Ooo, congrads on your new sunnies! I don't think $59 is expensive at all for Coach sunnies - what a good deal!! :flowers:

    In fact, I wish I lived in the US where there are many Coach outlets... teehee....
  11. $59 is a great price, jean! :tup: i hope you'll keep them and show us some pics too! :nuts:
  12. your new bags are great! i think you and dragonette are going to start a pouch frenzy :smile:
  13. That bag looks awesome on you! You should use it all the time! :biggrin:
  14. I love the motif bags! I'm happy that buying both ended up working out for you.
  15. The pouch bag looks great on you. Glad it worked out buying and winning both!