Mistake at Saks EGC event :) :) :)

  1. Sidenote: earlier this week I went to a certain discount website and purchased some Saks GCs...

    So today I went to pick up my nude patent yoyos. When I was there I was told that if I purchased anything with the GCs, it wouldn't count towards the total value for this event.:tdown: But no matter, I wanted these highly coveted shoes anyways. So I went to get my GC (I expected a 25$ one) but for some reason the little machine they use wasn't working. I had mentioned to the woman there my dilemma with the GCs (she mentioned how sorry she was about the situation) and when she was finally finished with my transaction, she handed me a 100$ GC!!!:wtf: Even if they total purchased would've counted, it would only be worth a 50 GC. So a gave her a little look (thinking maybe she made a mistake and didn't realize) and she just smiled and said Have a nice day! Needless to say... I LOVE Saks!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    So how did everyone else do with EGC today!?!?!
  2. Yeah!!! Good job! =)

    I got the nude patent yoyos too for EGC, along with a Prada handbag and Kate Spade satin pumps. I got $100 too. I had the nude patent yoyos but sold them and got the next size up. =)
  3. Nice!!! Isn't it great when somebody kicks you a little something extra here and there?! haha

    I was good and did not buy anything, even though I was very tempted by both NM and Saks...Chanel was calling my name. I bought the bronze bling blings earlier this week though so I am trying to be good until Christmas in Vegas. lol

    Eleni, glad you were able to find the correct size in the nude yoyos. I knew the others were killing you! Congrats boslvuton on your purchase!
  4. That is too funny, you are so lucky. The real question is, are you going to use that $100 EGC towards another pair of CLs?
    I think that this happens often because I have heard of others with a similar story. Believe me, Saks is not just giving money away, this is a very smart approach on Saks part - let the customer think that we are getting free money, but really we just end up coming back and using a $50 EGC towards a $1,000 bag or something. But it is still a very nice perk.

    I bought the CL espadrilles in red, they are so adorable. I wanted to get some other things in CL, but nothing was calling my name.

    I did however get some absolutely beautiful Prada shoes.
  5. Kamilla You are absolutely correct:tup: it is great strategy... and I already know where that "extra" cash is going! (Yes another pair of CLs but I'm hoping to wait until I get home to Boston/ visit NYC for a better selection) Although my store did have the new black grease paint yoyos... and they were appealing! :p
  6. Saks in NYC actually had a pretty good selection of cruise/spring shoes in already. I am sure that you will find something you love in NYC.
  7. :tup:Thanks for the tip... I'm also planning to visit BG, The CL Boutiques, and Jeffery's because if I remember correctly a few months back you mentioned almost buying the blue suede rolandos there before you knew BG carried them! I'm thinking they might have some exclusive styles...:graucho:
  8. My nude Yo Yo's were to be charges up on Friday for the event. I was not there since I got them from another state so I have no idea what I got, yet. I guess I will see but I know she said I would get one. How many cards can you use at one time? I have two $25 ones I need to use.
  9. Mine too, cjy. It showed up as a 12/14 transaction but I was hoping it would apply towards the egc. boslvuton, how are the Yoyo's? I'm waiting for them to arrive. Ann said they are the 100's, but look just like the 110's. I thought it was strange that they would introduce such a small change to the style, but I'm glad they're lower....is there a noticeable difference? Thanks for her contact info, BTW!
  10. CJY- I'm not positive but I think you can use the cards at the same time... at least I don't see why you wouldn't be able to!:confused1: I just was told that the value of your GC would not count towards the total value of a purchase at a EGC event. (Meaning: my yoyos were 595$ before taxes... I used a 250 GC so technically only 345$ should've counted towards the EGC.)

    DEBWONGER-I would assume that if Anne told you she would do it for ECG that she did. She likely just did the transaction the night before since I know they were quite busy that day... But if for some reason she didn't I would just call her. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to rectify the situation- I'm so glad you used her too!

    As for the Yoyos I love mine- I've been prancing around my house in them ever since I picked them up yesterday! While the height difference might be slight, I couldn't really tell you how they compare to the originals since I haven't ever seen the others IRL. All I do know is that in my opinion these shoes are comfy and at a height that is super easy to walk around in.:p
  11. You got yours from Ann too?? That is where mine are comming from! The nude yo yo's 100. I am axious to see them and how they fit. She mentioned the card, I better get one!! :boxing: We will have to let each other know when we get them. I am way out here in South Carolina, hopefully no longer than by the end of the week.:shrugs:
  12. the heel is quite different from the 110, the 110 is pretty much a stiletto heel , the 100 is like the "new" style pigalle heel large at the base and curves into a skinny pin heel
  13. Ah. Good to know, thanks. I asked if the heel was "straight" or "curvy" and she said "straight", but hey, as long as they look good and are comfy...I don't mind! Can't wait!
  14. You will be pleasantly happy, they are lovely:yes:
  15. Ladies, please post pics of these new nude 100mm yoyos. I am curious to know what they look like since I have only seen the 110mm yoyos so far.