Missvnguyen's Tiny, Little Collection

  1. Hello! I'm kinda still new here and I've started to collect not too long ago. So, I just wanted to share my collection. I have mostly Coach bags, I do have a 2 Dooney bags and 1 Juicy Couture, also. I first got my Dooney bags when I was around 13, and now I really don't like Dooney anymore. Well, here's the tiny, little collection! Enjoy!


    Juicy Couture:
    1) Velour Bowler Bag

    Dooney and Bourke:
    1) Hearts Tassle Tote
    2) Hearts Bucket Bag

    1) Signature Mini Skinny
    2) Madison Evening Bag
    3) Signature Demi
    4) Signature Beaded Tote
    5) Hamptons Weekend Hobo
    6) Madison Scarf Flap

    And that is all...for now :tup:
  2. Love your bags
  3. I love your scarf print Coach!
  4. Nice collection, I like the Juicy Bowler! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Cute collection, I remember that pink scarf print pouch from Coach! I saw it in the store when it came out, it's so pretty! :nuts: Thanks for sharing pics!
  6. Very cute- love the scarf print flap!
  7. I am loving your coach scarf bag.
  8. Love the scarf print Coach and the Juicy... very cute collection!
  9. Very nice! LOVE the Coach top handle evening bag! Thanks for sharing!
  10. its a great start.....lets keep it going.:yes:
  11. cute collection
  12. oooh, I love your pink Coach!!
  13. you have a sweet little collection!
  14. that pink handbag is so adorable.
  15. Very cute collection!