Missoni Scarves @ Filene's Basement

  1. I just bought a bunch of them. They have winter scarves/hats/gloves and silk scarves. The small scarves are only 20 dollars. I bought so many and now I am going through and narrowing down my selection.
  2. i wish they had a filenes here in california
  3. How much are the winter scarves?
  4. I paid $9.99 for mine after x-mas sale. I think I picked up 10 or 11 - I love scarves.
  5. Where is Filene's Basement?
  6. DC-Cutie, which Filene's Basement did you go to? I'm in the DC area too. Thanks!
  7. I went to the one at Mazza, but it was during the after X-Mas sale when I got them for dirt cheap. HOwever, there are about 2 shelves full of them at National Press. I'm on my way to Conn. Ave, I'll check there too and let you know.