Missoni necklace??!!!

  1. I think it's cute! Not so sure about the solid perfume, though.
  2. cute
  3. It's very different, kind of whimsical. Does solid perfume come off or stay on all the time?
  4. cute
  5. I really like it!
  6. I really like it and the price is right. I wonder what it looks like on and how big the ball of perfume is.
  7. The fragrance is not detachable.
    The size of the ball is the size of a quarter.
    Still debating...thanks for your feedback.
    I may have to bring it home with me.
    And it won't be a mortgage payment, KWIM?
  8. I think you need to consider how much wear you would get out of this. I am long past buying something because it has an affordable price. Apart from the price do you love it. If the perfume is smelly, would you still want to wear the pendant? The real price is how many times you will wear it. If you wear it only a few times, it actually is a very expensive purchase per wear, compared to something that might cost double but that you wear hundreds of times!

  9. Could'nt have put it better myself!!Sharons just saved me the job of typing it all out!!!!!!
  10. :goodpost:I need to start thinking like this! I'm so quick to spend $ because of sales but is it really worth it if it's just laying around being unworn!?!? I have a love/hate relationship with TPF because sometimes posters enable me to purchase items that I have no reason getting, and others make me think about my lifestyle and stop me from making foolish mistakes!

  11. I think the necklace is cute, but how often would you wear it? I would personally wear it a lot with jeans and a v-neck shirt. Also, how does the perfume smell? I hope you like the perfume because it will be with you at all times.