MissNovember's Boudoir

  1. So after lurking on here for quite some time, I managed to muster up enough courage to share my little boudoir.

    This little space of mine used to be a hallway outside of our master suite, but the old ball and chain was kind enough to take pity on me and finally build me a nice little closet. :yahoo:

    I haven't been purse collecting for very long. Maybe about a year now, so it's a small collection. But the one's I do have are all pieces of art imho. But then again, I guess all handbags are!

    So here it is.....

    CLOSET.JPG 003.jpg CLOSET.JPG 005.jpg CLOSET.JPG 008.jpg CLOSET.JPG 009.jpg CLOSET.JPG 006.jpg
  2. delicious!!! is that a kooba i see???
  3. what a sweet hubby! your closet kind of looks like a mini boutique. ;)
  4. I need a closet like that!
  5. I know that Closet :roflmfao:


    I :love: your collection and closet
  6. i want to shop there, such a cute closet.
  7. Nice closet, love the lamb.
  8. Very unique- love the pink embossed croc!
  9. Great collection! I love your closet, fantastic display!
  10. Thank you ladies for all the lovely compliments. It's my little sanctuary when I've had a rough day! :wtf: lol

    You're right ViciousBliss, that is my very first Kooba. It's my newly purchased Angie tote. It's HUGE!

    I posted on another thread around here that I think the reason they named it the Angie is because they must have seen Angelina Jolie smuggling Maddox out of the country in it. :p
    CLOSET.JPG 012.jpg CLOSET.JPG 020.jpg CLOSET.JPG 021.jpg
  11. Lovely collection and nice closet I wish I had one (or even space for one!).

    I LOVE that Fiore!!!! Gorgeous. Thats another one for my wish list.
  12. Thanks. :smile: The IF is sooooo much prettier in person! I loved it when I saw it online but when I got it home, I was blown away. It's like a little masterpiece. :heart:
  13. nice collection, thanks for sharing - from a distance looks very victorian - up close, anything but victorian - HA! HA! Love it!!!
  14. oo how lovely!!
  15. you are missing some bags woman :graucho: