MissMerion HG reveal... are you ready??

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  1. In this grey and rainy fall's day I received a sunny yellow box...
    What will I find inside it?

    Anybody up for a HG reveal??? :graucho:

    Attached Files:

  2. Im here!
  3. HERE!!!! :choochoo:
  4. i'm hereeeeeeeeeee:popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  5. Here!!!
  6. I'm here! How exciting!
  7. Let's see! :popcorn:
  8. Let's start!!!!

    (Lizmarielowe don't say a word :greengrin:smile:

  9. A City?
  10. In this pic you have already a clue...
  11. Yes, it is :biggrin:

  12. Whooo? Me??? :thinking::thinking:
    I'm a good girl :angel::angel::rolleyes::graucho:
  13. I'm sure you're a gooooooood girl bella! :P
  14. Any guess???? :graucho:

  15. ;);):biggrin::biggrin::yahoo: