1. As one of the nicest and MOST helpful TPFers, I want to say:



    Happy Birthday to youuu, Happy Birthday to youuu, Happy Birthday (hope its filled with lots of mulberrrrrrrrry) to miss mabelllll, happy birthday to you!
  2. Happy birthday miss M!!!
  3. aww I sent her a PM too!!

    Happy Birthday Kat, you are such a gorgeous girl :woohoo:

    and very best of luck tomorrow morning with your exam :yes:
  4. not the best of times to have an exam is it! :sad: but i've heard there some juicy carrot cake awaiting her...she i think she may just be ok!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXX :partyhat:
  6. happy b-day
  7. Happy Birthday!!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :drinkup::dothewave::party:
  9. Happy birthday, Miss Mabel! :flowers::drinkup:
  10. Happy Birthday Miss Mabel and good luck in your exam!
  11. Happy Birthday MissM
    Good luck with the exams- now get that birthday reveal going!!!
  13. Happy Birthday Miss M and good luck with the exam...think of that cake! xx
  14. Happy Birthday Miss:drinkup::drinkup:M
  15. Oh! Sorry for posting in the wrong place! Didn't realise there was a birthday shout out section! (Good idea! :smile: )