Missjesf's collection

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  1. Hi everyone! I am extremely excited to have finally found a place to share my small, but growing collection to those who are just as crazy as I am about designer handbags.

    A little BG info on how I got into this deep illness... My mom was a bridal designer (a long time ago) and so her designer/fashion-interest senses kind of rubbed off on me. So as I grew older, I started to admire designer pieces because of its uniqueness and originality :smile:

    Anyways... LETS BEGIN!

    My very first brand-named/designer/more-on-the-highend-side bag was my Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha, along with a matching wallet. I was very into MBMJ at the time and knew what it was because a student teacher at my high school had one and it caught my attention. I did A LOT of research before I bought it because it was my first time spending so much money on a bag. Till this day, I have no regrets. It's one of my go-to bags on crappy weather days or for school when my Longchamp doesn't hold enough. The leather is just so durable! My favorite feature of the bag has to be the zipper flap pouch because it’s a perfect place to secure your wallet. And the style of the bag, or any style from the Classic Q Collection is just very simple, practical, and versatile.

  2. And here I present to you my Louis Vuitton pieces :biggrin: :biggrin:

    My Bloomsbury PM:


    My Speedy Bandouliere 30:

  3. Emilie Wallet:


    Eva Clutch:


    Neverfull MM:

  4. Alma BB Vernis in Rose Velour:


  5. For a Christmas (2012) present, my parents gifted me my first Balenciaga. It was the City in Black with Regular Hardware. It is still one of my favorites bags. I love the slouchiness and how it ages beautifully.


    And then a couple of days after Christmas, my mom surprised me with a matching wallet!! For some reason, I can't find this style anymore... Not even the website or other department stores that carry Balenciaga. The size of the wallet is just perfect, not too long or too small (the usual small, square-shaped wallets).

  6. One of my very few bright colored bags... My Givenchy Micro Nightingale in Red:


    Such a great cross body bag for someone petite! Plus, it can hold up a lot for a mini bag. And the red isn't too red and it's definitely a statement bag (in this color) for me.
  7. Here's another bright colored bag. Was planning to purchase a Givenchy Mini Pandora in a similar shade (I believe it was more of a Royal Blue) but because of the price, I decided to get this instead. So for my birthday, I gave myself a 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli in Cobalt Blue:

  8. Now here's a couple of my Chanel pieces.

    I couldn't afford a Classic Flap so when I saw the price for the French Riviera, I didn't hesitate to purchase it. The quality is extremely different from a Classic Flap but I like it in a way because I don't have to baby it. The leather is much more grained and the quilting isn't as puffy so wears aren't as noticeable.


    Before I got my French Riviera, I had purchased the Extra Mini Flap. At the time of my purchase, I didn't know there was a difference between a Mini versus Extra Mini (this was through a phone/email order). So when it arrived, I was a bit disappointed because I had spent $2000 on a really small purse that can't really fit all my necessities. But now... I actually love it. And I actually use it more than my French Riviera. On days I'm running quick errands or just don't have that much to carry, I would use my Extra Mini. And this bag can instantly dress up those "quick-trip" outfits.

  9. My favorites/babies out of my collection :loveeyes::loveeyes: ... my lovely Célines!! My very first Céline was the Micro in Jungle. It was also my high school graduation/college acceptance present from my parents. I remembered I was stressing out over it because a Micro was very hard to find. I contact multiple department stores and none had any in stock. Then I ended up calling the Céline boutique in New York City :biggrin: And at the time (a year ago), the Micro was at $2500, now it's $2900 and up!!


    For my second Céline, I was planning to get the Mini in Black Drummed leather but with my mom's input, I opted for a Croc Embossed Phantom. Again, it was a hard-to-find style but then I was able to get my hands on one after contacting the boutique in Miami. Unfortunately, I didn't do too much research to learn about the difference in hardware so mine was paired with gold hardware although I would have really preferred the black hardware instead. But I'm really happy that mine has the CÉLINE embossed on the front since some versions do not.


    Then after a few weeks, I purchased a Clutch Pouch to put into my Phantom or my other large bags so my smaller stuffs are more organized.


    And then my most recent purchase was a Mini in Souris. One of the reasons why I chose Souris over Black was because of the white stichings - the whole bag just stands out more. Plus the shade is just so unique, depending on the lighting. It's definitely an indescribable/uncommon color.

  10. Now it's time for some of my sale finds over my past shopping trips or discounted pieces :biggrin: :biggrin:

    My very first Alexander Wang piece. I have owned a Rocco once but it was just way too heavy for me so I ended up returning it. I believe I got this Rockie in Mustard on the Barneys Warehouse site on Thanksgiving (2012). This Rockie is suede and is paired with matte black hardware. After using this bag a couple of times, I now refuse to buy any suede bags!! It's just heartbreaking to see wear after a couple of uses and is more sensitive to dark colored bottoms.


    Price: $440

    My second Rockie I scored was during the Designer Sale at Nordstrom. This one is Down with Rhodium hardware - almost white but has a hint of gray in it.


    Price: $477

    Another AW piece I scored on the Barneys Warehouse website was the Angela Wristlet. I have never seen it in real life so I was very excited to see it on sale :P


    Price: $274

    And finally, my Fumo Large Wristlet/Wallet I got on the Alexander Wang website. I honestly haven't been using it much because I have experienced twice where the hook suddenly unhooks itself. A bit unexpected considering how much one retails for.


    Price: $130
  11. I was lucky enough to score this Balenciaga during a Spring Presale at Barneys. This is the Hip Bag in Red Canvas with Giant 12 Gold Hardware. The hardware paired with the red is so stunning... This is also my first time seeing the details of the gold hardware :amuse:


    Price: $435

    I purchased this Marc Jacobs Noho at Nordstrom Rack. I was really excited to see it there because at the time, MJ at the Rack was rare (it didn't care as much MJ as they do now), especially if it's MJ rather than MBMJ. However, I don't love it as much as I did when I saw it. I think I prefer MBMJ more than his higher end pieces.


    Price: $350? $340? $330? One of those!! :giggles:

    This MBMJ Classic Q Percy bag was all the way from 2011. I believe it was one of those year-end sales. Usually sale pieces have unusual color but I'm glad that this one was still neutral!


    Price: $130

    Another of my finds at Nordstrom Rack - the MBMJ Classic Q Hobo Hillier in Blush. And this style is my second favorite from the Classic Q Collection.


    Price: $150

    This Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC (in Kiwi) is my everyday work bag - I carry a small coin purse, lip balm, and my badge. I actually bought it on the Rebecca Minkoff website but I was lucky enough to have found a online promo code which gave me a 20% off discount!!


    Price: $145
  12. And finally, here are my 3.1 Phillip Lim discounted finds!

    This 31 Hour Bag showed up at my local Nordstrom Rack for a really good price and I just couldn't say "no" to it!! I have used it a couple of times and it's actually not heavy at all considering how big it is. On some people, it is possible for it to be an everyday bag (depending on your height) but for me, I would much rather use it as a carry-on or a travel bag.


    Price: $250

    The day I purchased my Céline Clutch Pouch, I had also looked at the 31 Hour Cosmetic Pouch. The Céline was definitely an unexpected purchase because of the price compared to the 31 Hour Cosmetic Pouch. But some of the colors were a bit too boring or plain for it to be $300+. I believe all the ones I saw at Barneys were in some sort of smooth leather so I figured I would eventually see a lot of scratches on it. I ended up finding this one on the Barneys Warehouse website. The pink faux snakeskin definitely caught my attention. Although it is paired with ivory, the texture (shark-embossed) of it doesn't make me feel too worried about seeing wears and stains as much as smooth leather would.


    Price: $175
  13. And this concludes my collection!! Who knows what will be added in the future but for now, I am hoping to get some more uses out of my bags before I make another purchase. However, I am really thinking about adding a Céline Nano to the collection... But that won't be until after awhile ;)

    Anyways, thank you for letting me share my collection and I hope you all enjoyed each piece as much as I do :smile:
  14. Beautiful collection of bags!! Your LV pieces are gorgeous and you're right, your Mini in Souris definitely catches the eye.
  15. Love your collection - every piece is gorgeous!